Problem encountered as a music leader (How it can be handled)

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In every association or organization, there is always the presence of a leader and that is needed so that all things can go well. It will be orderly but even at that no organization is always 100 percent okay because you will still have people with another mindset aside from the ones who are ready to make things work out right so if a rule has been made, one should know that as a leader, not all will be convenient with that. They will surely want to go against that rule in a very little way they can and as a leader, this might be a means to be annoyed all this has to be cautioned to avoid a scene.


So what made me talk about this topic was the recent happening among the people that come together to form a body and now this is about a choir body, you are in the midst of over 100 people that are in the choir and suddenly been appointed as someone who will take on the mantle of leadership to direct the rest of people well in the music way, there is this shock one will surely experience at first because it was not expected before. Using one of the recent happenings as an example, I would say that even if you have a lot of close friends they will undoubtedly want to feel they can't be corrected because they are close to you, and this is where the problem starts.


Recently, I was leading the choir in the rehearsal and the rehearsal lasted for over an hour I expected everyone to be around and seated so everything could go well, two of my close friends were just coming in at that hour, so I believe I had to make them know that there is always time for everything and when there Is a rule, one has to follow it even no matter how the person is so close to me, so I had to use them as an example for others to see. This would make them see that there is no one above the rule, so far I could use those who are so close to me as an example of the punishment they did.

These decisions were not convenient for all, but they didn't have a choice but to go by the rules that had been laid down in the organization. As a leader, if you are told that you will surely encounter problems, it is very true because everything can't go so easily like in any organization, and it is the work of a leader to tackle this problem with care and understanding.


There will always be someone who resists such changes, either because they believe they have more merit or because they feel they already do well without management.
I've been in both positions, and the truth is it's not comfortable, but it's also not something you can't control.
The need for a leader is always there, the question is to choose the one who best fulfills the position and elevates the performance of the rest.

Hmm. What a great advice and learning from you, i have been able to grab one or two from this comment