Nature's Musical Inspiration In the Modern World

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Nature was created for the use of mankind. This has been helping and giving life's to everyone that has been living it it because nature has everything you need.. Nature itself is deep and wider than the expectations of what we think and it has always helped musicians get the skill and a source of inspiration to musicians. The sound and rhythms and the melodic rhythm created by nature and helping music life to form different melodic lines.

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Some of this melodies are the sound of birds that are created and this is used to produce lovely music as track for songs. This sounds are composed together from different sounds and its not only birds that produces this sound alone but other animals which are made through nature.

Sunset and other beauties of nature also create enthusiasm for composers in the sense that, some musicians derive the inspiration to create songs ordinarily from sunset alone and they compose sweet song melody that interest the body and soul.. like the songbirds, these birds create melodic rhymes for communication and mate attraction. This also is useful to musicians because it can be recorded and used in different music for diverse songs..


Nature's influence on music has gone far beyond just the sound creation or the melodies. Also, the moon light and the night sky gives inspiration that makes music because inspiration are derived from them. I could remember sometimes ago while I was still young, I seat in the front of our building with my grandparents to listen to songs composed from the night light Which the starts and the moon create..

This present days, these music have been upgraded due to technology advancement and it has help integrate natural instruments into music which has then been used to create this sound which you need from nature right at your finger tip.
This brings connection between nature and music. For instance, keyboard has diverse nature sounds and also some other Musical instrument which we can use in place of the natural nature recording. Some of the tones which you will find on the keyboard is the sound of birds flying in multiples, rain, wind, dog barking, cart sound and many others which are used to make sound tracks.


Music inspiration Is derived from different ways so also does these ways create endless connections between musicians and the music they create.. However, technology has really helped and has made things so easy for music production to come to live with little effort that is why music production this days and time seem so easy compared to the time past..


I think the way you have presented your argument is beautiful. Because you highlight nature, music and its influence on how we perceive music. I like your intellectual tones and the brevity, but at the same time substance, of this post. Brilliant work, my friend @the-lead

Thanks very much, and I am happy I was able to do that