AFRI-TUNES/ If to say na man by Teni

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Hello everyone! I am Ernest by name, and this will be my first presentation as a hiver. Being an African and an Afro beat lover, I am extremely happy to have been graced with an opportunity to do what I love doing. Thus, I sincerely appreciate @ksam, @starstrings01 and @obaro for this wonderful initiative, and for there effort to present Africa to the world through Afri tunes.


For this weekend presentation, I will be presenting a cover of Teni's freestyle titled If to say na man. In the spirit of Afro beat, I will redefine the song by giving it a pure Afro interpretation.

images (1).jpeg

The song in question was written in Nigerian pidgin English. It is a with short and funny lyrics. Yet, it is a song that reminds us of God's every living nature.

If to say na man ooo
If he was a man

Hunger for don kill me
I would have die of hunger

I for don loss weight ooo
I would have lost weight

God you too much
God you are wonderful


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these folks will be killing us with lovely tunes
nice one man

Thank you bro

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Wow😳 this is wonderful

You are welcome @ernesto6402! It is great to see you are doing your first steps! Great work!

Great work you guys are awesome keep cranking the music

Lol.. this is really nice... I love the energy and the African beat in it. It would have been great if this is more than two minutes 🥺🥺🥺

Thank you bro. As for the timing, I will work on it. I am glad you liked it😊

This is really wonderful @ernesto6402.

I felt the vibes!
Pls try making it more than two mins next time!
See yah in the next afri-tunes weekend 🥰💪❤

Thank you very much... I am glad you liked😊 I will improve on my timing subsequently

This is really good bro
Your vibes dey legit well well 🔥
This is great entry
We hope to see more of this the coming weekend.

Thanks for sharing the Afrian tune on Hive
#Afri-tunes #Africanweekend

Blessings brothers! Keep on representing the African culture on the block!

Nice beat and message! May we never starve or worry bout the future, JAH got us!

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Thanks brother! I really appreciate. And most importantly, I am glad you loved it.

Oh wow..
I love this
I love the attitude..
Well done 👏👏👍

Thank you dear... I really appreciate 😊