Fall of the leaves — Atmospheric Bandura music

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Hi folks! This is a beautiful piece written by Ukrainian compositor Olena Bartosevich. I love this tune and want to share with you my performance of this piece.

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A few words about our project

We are musicians Tatyana Yurina and Art Manzhos, and we need your support for create music album. We want to record lounge music album. Its not just music album, its look at music through the prism of natural sounds that surround us. Each musical composition of this album will transfer the listener to a separate atmosphere.

And you can have a hand in creating this musical piece of art.

At the moment, the lack of some necessary equipment is slowing down the release of the album.

  • Condenser microphone
  • Professional Voice Recorder Zoom (for recording environmental sounds)
  • Necessary props and equipment for better video shooting
  • etc

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This was very cool, both music and performance. Reminded me of Rybnikov's art.