#threetunetuesday - Pale Waves from Manchester - modern guitar pop masters

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Its time for #threetunetuesday again, a great community initiative started by @ablaze. This week I was inspired to share music by a great band from Manchester here in the UK, having watched them play another great set at Glastonbury this last weekend.

Now just to clarify, I was only watching them on TV ! The TV coverage in the UK for Glastonbury is pretty good, and each year I tend to watch as much of it as I can. I actually found out about this band by watching them at Glastonbury on the TV back in 2019, and instantly liked them.

They play modern guitar orientated pop, with great synth backing. Its like modern souped up 80s pop, fit for the 21st century.

All of the videos I'm sharing are from their 2018 album titled My Mind Makes Noises. This first tune is the official video for their song 'Television Romance'.

I really like the production on their music, its really well put together, with a very solid guitar base and synths thrown in. I felt it was worth putting one of their studio recorded songs up first, and then follow with two live tunes, because you will be quite amazed at just how good they sound live - they are just as tight and clean live as they are recorded !

Next up is 'There's a honey', which is live from Glastonbury in 2019, which is from the set when I first heard them. I really like how the drummer uses mostly an acoustic with what I guess is a sampler/sequencer of some sort on the side, quite often triggering electronic drum sounds and the like, which really adds quite a cool dimension to their music live. The drummer may also be triggering their synth sequences noting that they dont appear to have a keyboard player with them that plays live.

And then lastly is the song 'Eighteen' also live - this time it says its from Reading and Leeds which I dont quite understand as those festivals are quite far apart !!! Anyway, its a good performance wherever its from !

I hope you enjoy them !!!

All rights, credits, etc are due to the respective artists and organisations !


This is new to me. But I like the sound of them. I'm taking notes for a closer listen later.


Glad you like them - they produce some great catchy music !

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That's cool that they televise the festival like that. I wish they did that more with the stuff over here. I mean sure, you can see stuff on YouTube, but it would be neat just to be able to sit and watch the whole thing. Especially from the comfort of your own home without having to deal with porta potties!

This band is great, I am going to be adding them to my list on Spotify for sure.

Its great, a huge amount of Glastonbury is aired by the BBC here - and much of it is also on catch-up TV, which makes it even easier to watch - we are pretty lucky for that !

That is cool!