"No Gray" Jonathan Mcreynolds (Cover)

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You only know how much you miss something when you have to let it go for sometime, I got really sick this past week and I was unable to do anything at all even play music, I was diagnosed with "Gastric" and during this short time I was having unbearable pains but am just glad it was just for a short while though it seemed like months. I still have some minor stomach aches but atleast I can still play music.

Today I'll be bringing to you a song called "No Gray" by Jonathan Mcreynolds, its one my favorites songs by him but I'll be doing the song combined with another though it seems like thesame song. I just love creativity and I hope you'll like it guys


Lord, I'm split in two
Part of me loves the world
And the other loves You

So, what do I do
I wanna be saved
But I got to stay cool, too
And no I'm not a fool
I know eventually I'm gonna have to choose

And, really I don't wanna lose
My ticket into heaven
And a chance to be used by You
And if it's God that I'm after
I just can't serve two masters
And before something happens

I got to turn it all around
Because I know
I can't just have my cake and eat it too
'Cause it's real easy to stay on the fence and still do you

And it'd be cool if we could love the Lord and still go do our thing
But see it doesn't work like that
You gotta to be white or black

I'm gonna try
Try, tr, try, try
See I gotta try
Try, try, try, try
A little harder this time
This time, this time
I'm gonna try
Try, try, try, try

Thank you for listening 🙌

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I hope you take good care of yourself, gastritis is a serious thing. Thank you for encouraging yourself to sing and play, music has a wonderful healing power.

As I always recommend to the hivers in Music it is good when you write a little more, maybe you have not been feeling very well and you just wrote a few lines, I hope to see more text in your next publication.

God help you to get better soon.

You're soo kind hearted and encourage me alot, thanks for the prayers and I'll make sure to do more writing on my next post.

May God bless you🙏🏽🙏🏽

This is a great song.
Thank you for sharing it with the community.


Thank you very much 🙏🏽


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