Outdoor Grow Update - I Am Loving The Living Soil

Hey folks..:) Welcome to another update.

This mighty Gorilla Skittles is easily my best plant yet and i am well impressed with the living soil i purchased. She has not had any food...just water!!!


Here we have the beautiful N13 Kush from Sensi Seeds. This is 90% Indica and i am looking forward to seeing these buds forming. Lots of potential here. There is some nice crystal production going on at the lower branches and it smells very sweet ;)!!


The 2 Tangie are starting to bud up now so looking at an earlier finish for this.



This Tropicana Cookies has bushed out a little bit recently..She may not produce loads of bud but it should be well tasty..!


Peace, Graham.


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Looking good man. I wish I could grow outdoors. These are monsters.

They're all beautiful and massive. It's great to hear the living soil is working out well for the plants, and can't wait to see them budding! Great work man!

Cheers man...🍺


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Reaching for the sky! Living soil is superior that’s for sure

Looking good as always! They will be awesome producers when finished I'm sure!

Yeah man..i cant wait!!😁

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