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A community open to all musicians all over the world, to share and enjoy African music.


Do well to subscribe to our community to share and enjoy your quality African Tunes. (32).gif

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To our esteemed Afri-tunes family on Hive, special greetings to you all!

We are grateful to everyone who enjoys and appreciates African music on Hive, both traditional and modern genres, from many nations and continents.

We value your ongoing interaction, support, and sharing of African music throughout all Musical Communities on Hive, specifically:

  • Afri-tunes Community
  • Music Community
  • Hive Open Mic Community
  • Pukumundo Community
  • Q-Inspired Community

Including other musical communities on Hive where you can write and think freely about music.

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With the goal of curating HIGH-QUALITY AFRICAN MUSIC and TUNES on HIVE, we are happy to announce the creation of the Afri-tunes Curation Trail.

Our Curation Trail will go from the Afri-tunes Community to other Musical Communities on Hive.

Use the hashtag #afritunes everytime you share your HIGH QUALITY African music in any musical community on Hive.


Please click the link below to join the Afri-tunes Curation Trail so that, with your help, our Curation Trail can become stronger and better able to sustain and support high-quality posts.

Afri-tunes Curation Trail:

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Here is a guide if you don't know how to join a Curation Trail.


  • Click on the Afri-tunes Curation Trail link here.
  • Put in your username and active key (it is 💯 safe and secure Hive frontend).
  • Create a New Password for easy access into Hivesigner.


  • After signing in, it takes you to the dashboard, click on Curation Trail.
  • Scroll down to the search box and search for "afri-tunes."
  • When it pops up, follow the Trail.
  • NB: After signing in, you can decide to click the link again and it will take you directly to the page where you follow the Trail. This long process only happens when it is your first time.


  • Click on the settings to make adjustments.
  • Input the percentage of your votes you'd like to follow Afri-tunes Trail with.
  • For fixed voting, your vote will always be fixed at the percentage you input when Afri-tunes curate a post.
  • For Scale voting, you follow Afri-tunes with your desired percentage (e.g, if you set it at 80%, then whenever Afri-tunes curate with 50%, you will curate same post with 40% - automatic calculation).

NB: We'll see to it that the curation Trail is used carefully.

We are grateful to all of our supporters; you are all incredibly fantastic.

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By actively participating in our weekly event, sharing your awesome African music, and commenting on the content of other outstanding authors, you can support the Afri-tunes Project.

By reblogging, commenting on, upvoting, and cross-posting the community's posts as well as other incredible African-quality Musical content on Hive, you can assist the Afri-tunes Project.

Delegating HP to @afri-tunes (Afri-tunes official account) will help us curate high-quality African music for Hive, and you can support the Afri-tunes Project by doing so.

By donating ecency points for contest sponsorship and boosting of quality posts, you can help the Afri-tunes Project.

You can help the Afri-tunes Project in whatever wonderful way you can.

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We hope to receive more collaborations, support and sponsorship in order to facilitate the growth of this project.

Let's Spread the love, the calmness, the smiles, the culture, the songs and the dance associated with African tunes.

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If you love this project do well to comment, reblog, upvote, tag one or two friends and support us in any way!!!

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Share your ideas, thoughts, contributions and suggestions below.




We wish to tag all those who have shared their African Music with us in this community and all those who have supported us.

We encourage you to read the update in the post above as we hope it'll benefit everyone and the Musical Communities on Hive to promote quality African Musical Tunes; and to promote Musical collaboration with all Musical communities on Hive.

@music-community @hiveopenmic @hive-142415 (Pukumundo) @hive-192806 (Q-Inspired)

@ksam @starstrings01 @obaro @samostically @draysax @saxoenny @davidbolu34 @chosenfingers @obaro @mayorkeys @heskay @daniky @mistural @ijohnsen @temibot @ovey10 @jaydr, @polarmystro, @cammy-cardo @onos-f, @simeonvincent, @raytonix @benii @zeetunes @magicfingerz @ernesto6402 @marybello @trojan1 @maby-tunes @iyedrumz @nickzy @vheekthorjay @stephanovah @dprincy @walexwhy @joshuabbey @darlingtony @blezedoh
@toubie @ladymwatsi @jayblak @oluwatobiloba @ebingo @sapphirekay
@didiee @jmis101 @imaculate50 @ovey10 @jaydr @sholex94 @sleemfit @wolfofnostreet @ayomike @babymoyin @meyateingi @khaleesii @heskay @timi01 @maryjacy @dprincy @darlingtony @gloriaolar @emmaba1 @wofaipeace @inemsweet29 @joebolite97 @ddn688 @yhuddee111 @benii @nelson-george @scottykriz

....and many more on the list.

Do well to reblog and spread the word; We'll continue to grow higher together.

Hi afri-tunes, you skipped the part on @steemauto in your "how to join curation trail" instruction. People might get confused

Thank you for your wonderful observation.

That information pops up if you haven't connected your Hive account to initially.

We used @ksam account and he as connected his, so it skipped automatically after we created new passwords.

That part is quite necessary and we will find a way to edit the post and include it.

Thank you for your feedback @nelson-george (42).gif

no problem, I'm joining the curiation trail soon.

This is so amazing. An excellent & inspiring work you're doing.
More wins to you @afri-tunes as you cover much more grounds on the chain.

Thank you so much
And thanks for your support always
You too much no be small

See as I'm just smiling ☺ 😇😊😊

That's nicey 🥰

Big ups to the people running this community
Y'all have done a great thing and I wish you all the best of luck and massive growth

I hope to participate in this lovely community soon by sharing my own covers and renditions🤲🏼

Way to go guys 🙌🏻💙

Thank you so much brother
We'll keep growing little by little.
We appreciate your comment.


I don comot my official Jersey...

Baba, wetin you talk for this side???

I hope to participate in this lovely community soon by sharing my own covers and renditions

Shey na my eyes dey pain me, abi I no see am well 😅😅😅 winch kyn cover? You think say na mathematics cover bayi? 😅😅 Abi na cover of garri bucket???

Thank you so much brother
We'll keep growing little by little.
We appreciate your comment.


I don comot my official Jersey...

Baba, wetin you talk for this side???

I just know say you no fit be normal😂😂😂😂

Shey na my eyes dey pain me, abi I no see am well 😅😅😅 winch kyn cover? You think say na mathematics cover bayi? 😅😅 Abi na cover of garri bucket???

Omo this guy no rate me at all😭😭😭
Me whey dey band (even tho I'm the only member)

You go soon see my hand for this community 😌


The administrators of afri-tunes are really making things happen. This definitely shows progress in your doings. Keep up the good work! 🙌

Thank you so much brother
We are glad for all your support so far and the growth of our members.

i cannot but appreciate the team for the effort they are putting into this community, hopefully, there will be a great improvement.

Thank you for your commitment and support so far. We hope for great improvement.... and by the way, did you see the info in the Discord channel?

If you have any suggestions, feel free to DM me. I'll be grateful

Yeah, no problem, I will check the Chanel.

This is a good one, kudos to the team. I strongly believe the community is getting better with the help of the community members.

Thank you so much
We keep growing day by day, week by week, till we get better.

Thank you for your support brother

Anytime brother

Just joined the curation trail... Greater heights to Afri-tunes and I also commend the tremendous efforts of the Admins/moderators.

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