Afri-tunes Week 46 || "Akanam Nkwe" by @emyekanem

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Hello beautiful people of this reputable community. I'm Emediong Ekanem aka @emyekanem. It's actually my first time participating here. I'm thrilled to know that there is a community on the hive platform that encourages the African music performance.

Therefore, to participate in this week's performance, I'll be presenting a song cover in our native dialect (Ibibio) titled, "Àkànâm Ñkwé" which in English means, "I Have Never Seen a God Like You". I'm doing this song in collaboration with one of my bassist friend who invited me to this community, @dave-estates. I actually know the miraculous things God has done in my live and that of my parents and siblings.His love for us cannot be measured neither can it be compared to any other love.

He loves me more than anyone will. He stood by me even when my friends and families turned their back on me. Dear friends, this God in heaven is too good that's why I'm presenting this song. I had to take on two parts (treble and tenor) so the song will be more pleasant to the ear.The editing part wasn't an easy task but at last, we scaled through😁. This song is one of our popular native sing composed to be sung in churches or whenever you wannna praise God. Please sit tight and listen. To enjoy it better, headset or an earpiece is recommended.

Below is the lyrics in Ibibio Ami nkoyoyom Eyen Abasi edise mi oo Ami nke tua nseme Eyen Abasi omum mi akama ku ubok Nsuto ima ediemi oooo Editiene mi ekwo Jesus ama mi ooo Eyak ino eye Ubong Nsuto ima ediemi oooo Editiene mi ekwo Jesus ama mi ooo Eyak ino eye Ubong

Àkànâm Ñkwé
Àkànâm Ñkwé
Àkànâm Ñkwé uto Abasi eyemi ooo
Ererimbot emama imahama
Eye tuak ibuot eno enyene (Rep 4*)

Below is the lyrics in English I have been searching The Son of God visited me I've been crying and weeping The Son of God held me in His hands What kind of love is this Come and join me and sing Jesus my lover Lets glorify him What kind of love is this Come and join me and sing Jesus my lover Lets glorify him.

I've never seen
I've never seen
I've never seen this kind of God ooo
Whether the world likes it or not
They must now down to Him (Rep. 4*)

Thank you for coming around❤️🌹❤️

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It's very nice to hear you sing the music of your country, you have a great energy that you don't lose from beginning to end, I liked the harmonies. And excellent that you also added the bass that gave more depth to the song.

Have a nice day :)

Thanks so much for commending my effort. It means a lot to me

I congratulate you for making your first post in our belove community of afritunes where we share african music regardless of the country, we are glad to have you with such amazing talent dear @emyekanem, you gave us that sweet African vibes that makes us proud of our culture..
The dueting was awesome and your message was clearly conveyed through your creativity and talent of singing... @dave-estates is a great bassist we know and cherish in the community, we say a big kudos to the both of you for sharing your talents with Us. Hope to see you next time..
Thank You For Sharing This Master Piece With Us


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Thanks so much for the warm welcome.
I really intend to niche on bringing African native songs here so we can entertain our international friends who are here in the community with us.

I am here to stay dear friend.
Thanks once again

You're Welcome

This is a beautiful production. Wait of, shey na spoon and fork and plate you take do beat so? Hehe
Wonderful presentation dear. Lively music. Weldone

You just gave an idea to try out next time, did you really mean spoon and fork,..,..I'll surely try it out😆😆😆.

Thanks a bunch for coming around

You are welcome dear

This is incredibly awesome.
It's the dancing and vibing part for me.
Your performance and voice is super cool.
Your Ibibio be sounding phonetic 😉😁

Thank you real good @jmis101.. the phonetic Ibibio really got me..

You are welcome dear

Twas nice having around to collaborate. I hope we keep doing this from time to time. You have a very great talent

Thanks so much for the invite...and thanks for accepting to collaborate with me

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Thank you music community ❤️

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Oh dear, you've brought fire with this wonderful performance of yours. I kept on dancing and shaking my head room the beginning till the end.. and the vibes no green end... wow

You've done so well, and I also appreciate @dave-estates for bringing you here in our lovely community, and for accompanying you to produce this masterpiece. 👏

Welcome to Afri-tunes Community, we hope to see you around wella 🥰 feel free!!!

It feels good to be here. Thank you so much for not letting the vision you had for this great community die off. I have seen so many talents in the community and I am really happy cos i will learn from musicians here.

I'm glad you danced to my vibe, I feel honored.

It was so nice listening to this rendition by you.
I'm from Akwa-Ibomm too, and I must say, you killed this song.

I love the instrumentals and the friend who harmonised with you.

Such a lively piece. Well done.

Oh.... You're an Akwa-ibomite... That's really nice. I'm happy to identify with you eyen eka mmi.
Thanks for the kind words

Yeah, it's good to have you here and also to listen to such a wonderful rendition from you.

You people should start village meeting ooo 😅😅😅

Hahahahaha 😆😆😆😆..
Let's have other Akwa-ibomites identify with us, we'll start asap


In other words, she is your village people 😅😅😅😅

wow I love this oo the collaboration, the part, the instrumental and the song itself is just awesome.
It's your first time in the community and yet you gave us this beautiful piece, now I imagine what will happen after now, that means we have a lot of wonderful videos to expect form you.
Welcome onboard dear friend, and thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much @sholex94. I'm really happy you liked the video. I'll do my best to upload more of my thrilling videos here.
Thanks for coming around ❤️

You're welcome friend.

Seems am just Seeing & hearing someone with my dialect here for the first time. @emyekanem nice hearing the song & your presentation, it's awesome. Weldon dear!

Thank you so much 😊😊
I'm looking forward to doing more of our native songs.
I'm glad to identify with you.

Thanks so much😊😊
I'll do well to be uploading more of our native songs here. Nice identifying with you.

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