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Hello guys. How has the week been? It's your usual boy @ernesto6402 and I am here to do my usual thing, I am here to participate once again in this week's Afritunes contest.


Majority of us here in Afritunes are Nigerians, and we all in this together. The current situation of our country is badly getting on everyone, and some are at the verge of lossing it. Coming for this week contest, I come with words of encouragement. As a matter of fact, I will be doing an original song titled It's gonna be Okay. Now, I do not know how bad the current situation of the country had gotten you, but I want you to believe and have hope; it's gonna be okay. Giving up is not an option, we are survivers and we must get through this together.

Beyond the issues arising from the country current situation, there are those suffering from one personal challenges to the other. As part of my message of encouragement, I extend this beautiful entry to them as well. I want everyone of you in one troubling condition or the other to realise that worrying about your current predicament will bring about no solution, it can only make things worse. Just get hold of yourself and speak words of encouragement to your soul; everything it's gonna be okay.

The song it's gonna be okay just like I earlier said is an original song. It's a two verse song with power and encouraging lyrics. With respect to this week's Afritunes contest, I will be doing a pure acapella version of that beautiful song. Just like I said a earlier,It's a song full of words of encouragement and I hope the message of the song go a long way in helping out someone out there. One love✌️

What are you problems
What are your pains
What are your troubles

Why are you worried
Why do cry o friend
Why are you sad

If you keep crying my friend nothing will come through
If you keep drowning in tears things will get worse
But just believe and have faith
And someday o my friend
All things gonna be okay

Silver or gold I've got not to give you
But I've got just this to say
All things gonna be okay x2

I've got some problem myself o my friend
I have been crying through the night
So bitter in my heart
But when the morning came
I picked up myself and wiped all my tears
I looked through the window and said to myself

You are strong
You are tough
You are greater than your problem
And someday you will make it to the top
And everything is gonna be okay

Silver or gold I've got not to give you
But I've got just this to say
All things gonna be okay x2

The lyrics are Originally mine

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This is amazing @ernesto6402
Songs like this is what we need in this present country state.

Well-done 👏

Thank you so much @mhizerbee. All we can do is to keep encouraging ourselves

You're welcome


This is amazing dear
I really enjoyed listening to your wonderful and amazing cover,
Indeed its gonna be okay soon.

This is very apt for the Nigerian society at this moment when things are very difficult. Weldone baba, this makes sense. Weldone

That you so much bro. I strongly believe we will achieve a peaceful and less corrupt country someday

Yeah giving up is never an option as quitters don't win. Moreso thinking can't solve one's problem but finding solution to it.
Thanks for sharing this great message, good job man 👍

Thank you so much bro for your encouraging words😊

A great message Bro
It's like a medicine to the heart, it isn't easy out there but giving up isn't the best option..
Thank you for sharing this with us @ernesto6402

Thank you so much bro, I sincerely appreciate your support so far. You are always the first to reply to my posts on Afritunes😀. Thank you so much once again

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I love this song it is very touching and it is very deep keep it up boss

I love it

So Amazing and soul touching , keep it on 💪