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Hello Afri-tunes! It's still your boy @ernesto6402. For this week, I will doing a very popular Gospel song by JUDYKEY titled tested of your power.

images (4).jpeg

Tested of your power is a cool Afro praise, but for the purpose of my entry this week. I will give a completely different interpretation of that song. As a matter of fact, I will be transforming it completely into an Igbo high-life. I just hope you enjoy it.

Beyond transforming the song into an Igbo high-life, I will be doing a free style here. In case the song is your favorite, please pardon me and what I going to do with it😀 It will be quit Igbotic sha🙄

In different ways I have tested of your power
Jesus you are too real
You are a great God X2

Onye olu ebube
Onye olu ebube
Onye olu ebube
Daalu x2

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Beautiful is an understatement, my friend. I jus dey dance for here.

I love the transition and your additions. Awesome voice split from your backups too.

Much love😍

Thank you bro! You too much...

Nice entry @ernesto6402. Keep up the good work

Thank you dear. I really appreciate

Oh wow, that intro was fantastic!!!
And what a change of style later, great vibe! 😎

Thank you so so much @mipiano... I am really happy you enjoyed the Afro vibes that came with it😊

Brotherrr... There's this internal Joy I get whenever I listen to you play and sing 🥺🥺. Your music always pierce into me..
You're doing well brotherrr ❤️❤️🎶🎵🎵🎵♥️🙏🎸🎸🙏

Thank you so much boss... More of my music dey come sha, my fear now na make I no come go tear person heart ooo😀 I really appreciate bro!

No worry bro... Super glue de😂😂
Just ride on sir 🤗

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Thank you so so much @hivebuzz for the honouring me once again 😊

What a beautiful improvisation there... You have my applause.
God job brother.

Thank you boss! I am so happy you loved it bro

You're welcome brother.


Thank so so much.

You're welcome


Brotherly this I so suweeeeeeeet 🥺🥺🥺

You said you were coming back with full force, and I underestimated you. Brother...... (drops Mic in tears)

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Thank you boss! Chai, you don make my body sweet me now. Me self no know say I performe reach like this. I really appreciate bro.

You sang the song just like the original one, you're a master of keyboard,I love your spirit of worship

Thank you Boss! But for that keyboard sha, me still dey learn ooo 😀

Amazingly presented boss