Afritunes week 63. "My Confidence" by Mercy Chinwo. Cover by @glowie

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A big Hello to all of us in this community, it's always a pleasure to relate with us.
My Entry for this week is one of the suggested songs in the community.
"My Confidence" by Mercy Chinwo.

When I heard this song, I knew that it's going to be a perfect fit for any of the weeks in this community.
And finally it has. I like Mercy Chinwo songs and this particular one is so exceptional.

I find my inspiration in this song so much, because as a young girl growing up, I have been through alot and have seen alot.

Since we all live in a world that is unpredictable, we can't predict when most things will happen, we can't predict how the future will turn out to be, life has it's way of turning in for us, whether it favours us or not.

If this is happening, I do wonder how people are coping with all this, I try to understand how stands are turning out for most people and how they handle it. But since am not God, I can never tell. But the truth if the matter is, life still goes on and anyhow somehow we are living.

I would clearly state that, if it's all me passing through all this, probably, I would have loose my strength by now.
There's an extraordinary strength that pushes me on, because I choose to rely on that strength, I choose to look to that strength, I choose to believe in that strength, I choose to put my trust in that strength, I choose to put my hope on that strength.

I build up my confidence in that strength, because it makes me bold.
And I am living life with ease, cause have got that strength. That strength is from God and it's perfect, trust me.

This song helps me remember that I have a God that I depend on, a God that I put my Confidence on. When I saw the song, I decided to make it my choice of song for this week because, am so in love with this song.

It's really cool you know, and I wish and pray that everyone finds this strength from God.

         [Lyrics of the song]

My confidence is in You, is in You
I put my trust in You, trust in You
Jesus I'm not alone, You're with me (You're with me)
'Cause one with You is majority, ahhhh.(x2)

Looking unto Jesus, ahnnn
Author and finisher of faith, oh oh-oh
I'm at rest because I have you
I have you, I have everything
Looking unto Jesus, oh-oh
Author and finisher of faith, oh oh-oh
I'm at rest because I have you
I have you, I have everything..........

Thanks for visiting my page 😊
I love you all.

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Oh my! I love love this! The voice, the vibe, the smile and the smile you put on my face watching you 🤗

One with you is a majority, I'm getting this song because of that line.

Nice cover, you got a fan 😎

My confidence is also in Jesus.
Your voice is always captivating me, you have done justice to this song .well done @glowie

Thank you ma'am

You are welcome

Our confidence is in God and only Him, we can trust and lean on. I love this song too and it gives me more vibe in putting my confidence in God for everything. Nice voice dear.

Thank you 😊
It's good that you trust and lean on God.
Trust me.
He doesn't disappoint.
Thanks for stopping by

Beautiful presentation small madam 😀😉

Thank you 😊

Loved your presentation. You get the vibes dear👏👏 well done

Thanks dear 😘

You're welcome

We cannot be alone. We cannot stay alone because we trust in God in Jesus christ.

Weldon dear @glowie for this wonderful piece this week.

It's heart chilled listening g to your voice again. You're good

Weldon and many more of you

#kudos 🤝🤝💪

Thank you dear....
With God, we pass through all this with ease.
Thanks for visiting my page.

You're welcome. Get the more feeding for us with your magnificent talents @glowie

Weldon more

Thanks dear

You're welcome dear

Stay cool

You too


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Taking a look at life, one would see that we can't do certain things on our own. That divine strength I need for one to keep pushing. Our confidence is only on God.
Beautiful rendition sis.

Thank you dear
Am glad that you've gotten a clear picture 😊

Mehnn I love this song like crazy..Thank you so much @glowie...

You're welcome