Afritunes Community. Week 103. A cover song by @glowie.

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Amazing people in this Community. Am here again with my entry for this week. It's a song titled "Look what you've done Already"

It's one of the songs I really do love and like singing ❤️.
I sat and I thought about everything happening around me and everyone entirely and I realized that not everyone just get whatever they would want in life. Most people don't really know what they actually want but at a certain point they should.

With everyone passing through all the stress that life has and the struggles of life, people shouldn't fall back to Heart breaks, dissapointment, betrayal and hatred.
I definitely pity a married man who will return from a stressful work and go home to meet a stubborn wife. and even a senior sister that is struggling to feed with siblings coming back to meet stubborn siblings also.

For me I feel that can be so discouraging. Every responsible person shout always come back into the warmth arms of love and care. With what they're passing through, they should go back home and meet love.

All these inspired me to do a cover of this song. And then I thought again, if man can't actually get what he wants exactly like love and care. There's someone who gives that to all with ease and for free.
His is just so perfect and good. All you need to do is just see him as the person that receives you into the warmth of his arms and cares for you no matter what.


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Beautiful entry
I love the song
God's love is always overwhelming and there is absolutely nothing we can do without his love🥰


📯📯📯📯 loud it ooo, what will we have done without God's love. Your version is giving me joy🤩🤩🤩.

Thanks darling 😘

This is a beautiful entry. Looking around us, I didn't think that there's something we can do without God

You're right dear

Thank You for sharing this with us @glowie

My pleasure

Thank you for this creative tune

Nice choice of song dear friend, you sang so well.

You sang it so passionately, I felt you. God's love is the purest form of love, thanks for sharing with us 🤍.