Hive Afritunes Community Week 118 || A Cover of "Ore ofe sha" [Eng/Esp]

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Hello friends of hive Afritunes Community, my name is @jesus-son and I welcome you to my blog today on this occasion of the week #118 of the community weekly events. I can see that we have a lot of subscribers coming around now and the space is becoming more and more competitive. Its amazing and I commend the efforts of the moderators.

Incase you don't know, the Afri-tunes Community is a community dedicated to sharing African songs and it is open to all lovers of music. All you need do is try to learn an African song or jam and reproduce or you can make an original presentation. Also, there is now a collaboration with #inleo and so you can submit a post on the topic chosen in the community every week and be greatly rewarded. So you see, we are a community of values.

In this post, I present a cover of one of the songs suggested in the community and of course it has to be the gospel song. I really don't know why I am not good in learning secular songs eventhough I love them so much. Maybe because I am a church boy, hehe😅🙄

When the song was suggested on the WhatsApp group of the community, I felt like what is all this hehe. Well, I decided to search for the song and listen to it because I had never ever heard this song. Going to Spotify and finding it and playing it, I got caught up just by the first sound. I love when songs begin so solemn eventhough it continues anyhow later. I gave it my wrapped attention and at the end, I loved it and here is the fruit.

The lyrics makes so much meaning to my life as a Christian. Indeed, if not by the grace and mercy of God, I wouldn't have anything to boast of in life. In sum, my life is a product of God's mercy and grace. Therefore, no point of being proud or indifferent towards others around me. I am as common as any other man or woman. This should inform my being and inspire me to be a better person in life.


Doing this cover was a great pleasure for me. The melody is a delight to listen to and the words are inspirational. I hope that you enjoy with me. Thanks so much for coming around.


Hola amigos de la comunidad hive Afritunes, mi nombre es @jesus-son y les doy la bienvenida a mi blog hoy en esta ocasión de la semana #118 de los eventos semanales de la comunidad. Puedo ver que ahora tenemos muchos suscriptores y el espacio se está volviendo cada vez más competitivo. Es sorprendente y felicito los esfuerzos de los moderadores.

Por si no lo sabes, la Comunidad Afri-tunes es una comunidad dedicada a compartir canciones africanas y está abierta a todos los amantes de la música. Todo lo que necesitas hacer es intentar aprender una canción o improvisación africana y reproducirla o puedes hacer una presentación original. Además, ahora existe una colaboración con #inleo, por lo que puedes enviar una publicación sobre el tema elegido en la comunidad cada semana y ser enormemente recompensado. Como ves, somos una comunidad de valores.

En este post les presento un cover de una de las canciones sugeridas en la comunidad y por supuesto tiene que ser la canción gospel. Realmente no sé por qué no soy bueno aprendiendo canciones seculares a pesar de que las amo tanto. Tal vez porque soy un chico de iglesia, jeje😅🙄


Cuando me sugirieron la canción en el grupo de WhatsApp de la comunidad, sentí qué es todo esto jeje. Bueno, decidí buscar la canción y escucharla porque nunca había escuchado esta canción. Al ir a Spotify, encontrarlo y reproducirlo, me atrapó el primer sonido. Me encanta cuando las canciones comienzan de manera tan solemne aunque de todos modos continúa más tarde. Le di toda mi atención y al final me encantó y aquí está la fruta.

La letra tiene mucho significado para mi vida como cristiana. De hecho, si no fuera por la gracia y la misericordia de Dios, no tendría nada de qué jactarme en la vida. En resumen, mi vida es producto de la misericordia y la gracia de Dios. Por lo tanto, no tiene sentido sentirme orgulloso o indiferente hacia los que me rodean. Soy tan común como cualquier otro hombre o mujer. Esto debería informar mi ser e inspirarme a ser una mejor persona en la vida.

Hacer este cover fue un gran placer para mí. Es un placer escuchar la melodía y las palabras son inspiradoras. Espero que disfrutes conmigo. Muchas gracias por venir.

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This is really powerful boss. It's no surprise though, you have always been a powerful musician. Listening to you again is really amazing. I will be like you when I grow 🙌

@ernesto6402 shey you know say I no b woman, why you just dey dey whine me, hehe

Tanchiu boss, yiu too much

See master of whining dey complain about whining. I learn from you na😀

Chinsos!! Hahaha
I see


If I know how to sing like you I for no dey this planet now. 👌
What a beautiful song with combination of a beautiful voice.
Thanks for sharing

Hehe, mama sef don join d whining team ooo, shey na me you dey blow e head like dis, hehe
Tanchuu ma ooo

Beautiful presentation @jesus-son
Indeed God's grace and mercies has brought us thus far..
You did great man...
Thank You For Sharing This With Us

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thanks so much family, we keep moving

Welcome back to Afri-Tunes bro. Have missed you ooo. Make I no talk too much but I really enjoyed your entry ooo

hehehe, thank you my guy, me sef don miss u die

Beautiful rendition of the song , i loved it😍😍. Nice one

thanks dear

Ma guy
See as you scatter everywhere
Where you go hide na
Nice presentation bro

Hello. What a nice theme. I didn't know about this community. I wish you all great success. God bless you always. 🙏🙏

Thanks so much dear
This is a community for sharing African Musics or original songs
If you can, I will he glad to see you join us.
Meanwhile, how are you? It's been a while

An amazing song done with such a sonorous voice. Inspiring and uplifting! Well done, bro!

thanks so much dear

I always enjoy your passion and your joy, @jesus-son 😍 Popped in from Dreemport this evening. !LUV !ALIVE


thanks so much friend

This is so solemn and beautiful as well! You sang it so beautifully🤭