Hive Afritunes Week #102 || A Cover of "Iyin At'ope la wa fun o" @jesus-son

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Hello hive Afritunes week #102, my name is @jesus-son and here I bring you a presentation to celebrate the week and participate in the weekly contest. Hopefully I fit win today, but that is if some people no present, hehe. Thanks for showing up and supporting my work.

I decided to do a yoruba song today. This time around not with my regular beat, so at least @mamab no go say I too like that beat, hehe. This is a beatles presentation but with a nice rhythm. In fact let me confess give you, na because I couldn't find a beat to accompany it from my piano, hehe. Well I hope you enjoy the flat nature.


The title of the song I present is "Iyin at'ope la wa fun o". The song is a song of thanksgiving to God but not just for anything but because He has done something new. By implication, the thanksgiving is for a specification.

Life itself generally is tough but living in Nigeria makes it even tougher and so everyday that one wakes up, one should give thanks for it. It really takes the grace of God to survive everyday in the situations we have in Nigeria. Thus, this kind of song is a song that one is to sing everyday.

My life is a testimony of God's goodness and I feel indebted to render thanks to God every moment. In life we have to be men and women of thanksgiving. Not just only to God but also to people around us who make some impacts in our lives from time to time. Therefore, it is a human value to give thanks.


I bring your this song with passion and wish you could feel the vibes and let the praise be contagious such that you too will see a reason to give thanks. Thanks for coming around.

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Na today I know that you're from Nigeria. Isn't easy to be a Nigeria, this kind of song worth singing everyday

I love your passion and vibes.
Thanks for sharing

Haha,omo u think say I no b Naija guy b4?
Chai, u don fall my hand, hehe
Thanks brother for watching

Seriously bro, I'm sorry bro if I fall your hand no be my fault now...
you don do alot of presentation with different languages that why I'm always confused.

Are you from Yoruba??
Wow this is a wonderful cover
Your voice is so amazing.

Hehe, me no b Yoruba o
Tanchu baby gal

Wow this is a beautiful presentation. I enjoyed the strings and rhythm. You fit win nah 😊, I still dey plan wetin to sing.

Plan sharperly o, hehe
Thanks dear

Hm! Boss himself
Na so u dey rap yoruba, hehe
Nice one bros

Indeed we need to also appreciate people around us also, this is beautiful.

Tanchu ma

Wow, great presentation.
I enjoy the rhythm, you play very well.

Thanks my friend

whoa! This is a very powerful worship song to God and you present it so well.
I listen to this song morethan twice because of how you played the keyboard and the sweetness of your voice.

Tnks for this boss I felt relief and ease in my spirit as I listen to your presentaiton. Nagode Buba Yaya

Omo, na me u dey whine like dis
Omo I no b babe o, hehe

No mind me sir, me na play play go finish me for this lifespans boss man. You too much

lol... me I dey like your play ooo make I no lie to you senior man. no be small joy dey gum my body if I see your post or comment. Just dey live your simple life for me I like it.
One Love!.

Ahhhh @jesus-son
Na wetin I dey miss be this?
You na genius ooo, with greater improvement day by day. This is really a wonderful entry and I enjoyed every bit of it.
Thumbs up😊

Oh, my lady, where u Waka and go since na?
Thanks for all those words
U too much

Omor I just dey ooo😊 Life happened Sha.


it is well. all of us go dey aiit

You are good abeg! It's one thing to sing while playing instrument and it's another to sing well while doing so. Then the way you sang with the baritone or whatever in other to fit the song... You be superstar sir

Omo na me u just exalt like dis
This comment sweet me abeg
Thanks man

You're welcome boss

@jesus-son is at it again oooo
C'mon, you did so well here
Weldone 👍

Thanks my baby gal
U too much

You are doing well Jesus-son.
Don't worry ehn, soon when you are playing your keyboard, I will be playing my guitar along, e just remain small.
You sang that song so well and I love how you played the instrument. Well done.

i can't wait to see you on the guitar
thanks for coming around, ossom

In the video I just published here in the community, I attempted to play the guitar and sing too hehe