Afri-tunes #23: You Are Yahweh By Steve Crown (Cover) By Khaleesii

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Hello everyone, welcome to Afri-tunes week 23

My plan for this week was to put out an entry on Sunday but, after my morning devotion, I got inspire to worship and I decided to share that inspiration with you.


Worship is a way of reverencing God and as believers, there is no such thing as too much worship.

Anyways for this week, I chose to sing the song “you are Yahweh” by Steve crown because this is one of my favorite worship songs, this song has so much power and I love it.



You are the God who was who is and is to come
Jesus Jesus
And in you I trust my life is in your hands
Jesus Jesus you are the miracle working God
You are Yahweh eh eh eh
You are Yahweh
You are Yahweh eh eh eh eh eh
You are Yahweh
You are Yahweh
Alpha and omega we reference you lord
You are Yahweh
Alpha and omega
Singing and praying
Express yourself in the holy ghost
You are Yahweh eh eh eh Alpha and Omega
You are Yahweh eh Alpha Omega
Speaking in tongues
O o o oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Faith is rising right now
The power of God is rising right now
Lift your voices this presence is here sayyyyyy you are
You are Yahweh eh eh eh you are Yahweh Jesus Jesus
You are Yahweh eh eh eh you are Yahweh
You are Yahweh alpha and omega I put my trust in you lord
You are Yahweh alpha and omega
Say you are Yahweh you are you are
You are Yahweh eh eh eh you are Yahweh
You are Yahweh eh eh eh you are Yahweh you are my healer
You are Yahweh alpha and omega alpha alpha alpha and omega
You are Yahweh alpha and omega Jesus
Just your voices now you are Yahweh
You are Yahweh eh eh eh you are Yahweh
You are Yahweh eh eh eh you are Yahweh
You are Yahweh alpha and omega
You are Yahweh alpha and omega

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Steve Crown
You are Yahweh lyrics © O/B/O Capasso


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This is so amazing, I can feel the passion you put in while singing this song. God will perform his miracle in our life . Amen 🙏

Nice performance from you

Amen oh
Thank you so much

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you so much

You're welcome dear

Good job dear... Your voice is always amazing. I love your presentation. Keep up the good work.

Thank you dear, glad you liked it

This is a really beautiful and touching song and you really brought out that ground feeling to the song. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful worship song with us on a Saturday, it is just beautiful.

Thank you so much, I know Saturday’s are somewhat busy to people to I just wanted to add Jesus in their lives

And my dear that's so thoughtful of you, I love you for thinking of us and giving us such beautiful worship song, it really brought my mind back from this busy world 😊.

Awwwn, I am glad it did :))

Yeah 🤩🤩.

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This is one song that sparkles something in me when I hear it especially the chorus.
@khaleesii you have a very beautiful, clear voice with a nice range. No glitches, no cracks, just beautiful.
Thank you for this presentation. I love it 🥰😊🙌🙌😇🤗🤗💫💫💃💃❣❣ 🎶 🎵 🪕 🎼

Thank you so much, this song is indeed one that is so special.

I must say this, it's a lovely song my dear. Your performance is just cool enough to write a new song out of it.
!Giphy thumbs up

@khaleesii! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ddn688. (6/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Thank you so much, makes me happy that you liked it

Yes, I do.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
!Giphy smile

You too

Beautiful singing dear
Very great performance

Thank you so much, always appreciated

What is 'You are Yahweh', I mean Yahweh mean...

I am no chritian, but I like songs that were sung on my college chappel... and I think its love song to Jesus so cute...

I still like Shout to the lord ... such a powerful song... everything vibrates inside, so much power...

I think I love some songs also coz they express a story or something so well... art!!

Let the Lord bless you!!

Yahweh means He Who Makes That Which Has Been Made and it's amazing that you listen to Christian music even though you aren't one.

Music is expressive and you can enjoy it, thank you for watching.

This is amazingly wonderful 🥰
Your voice no get photocopy, if e no be original e no be original.. if e no be from you... na counterfeit 😅😁😁

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Thank you so much, it always means a lot

Your voice is amazing,keep up the good work

Thank you so so much