AFRI-TUNES #18: Nigerian Praise Medley By Khaleesii

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Hello everyone, welcome to afri-tunes week 18.

For this week, I decided to go a bit different from my usual because I was bored of just singing and that almost made me decide to not sing this week but I wanted to put out something since I missed last week so, I will be singing a praise medley with my nephew and niece.


Like I will always say, there are a million reasons to be thankful and this is just us being grateful in our little way.

In my church, we have been praising God for a week and also, my nephews and niece all celebrate birthdays this week, so it has been a week of praise.

I wanted to give this praise a reminiscent feeling of church when I was younger so, we went acapella with clapping, just like we use to as children.

This whole thing was chaotic and we had to film a lot of times, but we had a great time praising God and I really enjoyed it.

To me, music isn't just about a good voice or about the right keys, it is also about purpose, feelings, and a message.

I hope you enjoy our singing and craziness, thank you for watching.



What a marvelous God
What a marvelous God
He has done marvelous things for us

What a marvelous God
What a marvelous
He is said to do marvelous things for us.

Father to you oh, be all the glory
To you Jesus, be all the honour
To you daddy, be all the glory and adoration for evermore.

You alone are worthy lord,
To be praised and adored
You've been faithful lord from the ages past
That is why your name is forever more.

Source: written by me


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Ahhhhh . Khaleesii comes with a difference
This is brilliant!

Hehehe, I tried my best, thank you babes

This is so funny energetic, and lively.

I know from experience that singing with kids is not always easy, but this performance has a lot of energy and sends a positive message because we can never give praise too much..

Good one dear @khaleesii.,❤ and
Have a wonderful weekend..

They wanted to kill me, I shouted until I almost gave up plus plenty fighting 😆 it was fun sha so I enjoyed it, thank you for watching


I know right???

You tried oo....

I've had the idea to do something like this for a very long time, but never really had the courage to do it..

Hey Khaleesii, I think you just inspired me..

You should totally go for it but be prepared for war 😆

So much energy, so much beauty and a lovely presentation...
Blessings to you and those wonderful accompaniment you've got in your entry...

Thank you so much, we had fun plus plenty bribery 😆

Oh this is brilliant. 😅

Makes me feel nostalgic and long for those days I'd wake up so early for morning prayers/devotions 😅

You've got a complete gang.

I want in 😅

Wes aren't even complete, three are missing 😆 maybe ill do this again when Jelvin and Elsie can talk and be coming to Bayelsa so you will join na

If Elsie is joining then I'm coming 😅


Your backups be like those choir members wey dey kill soloist vibes but you all tried 😁

😆 my nephew and niece for you oh

E for Energy 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣. I can picture how you will be dancing in Church when praise songs hit hahahaha. You get ginger for can inspire others to dance like their lives depend on it hahaha.

It's so refreshing to always watch your videos Khal...and oh boy! You are cute!!!

In church I dance like a crazy person oh, I love praise so much so I don't joke with it 😆

Thank you so much for the compliments, my love letter I never see

I love dance like David dance. Expect king size successes too.

Sorry I moved to Ajah. I was on the road today. I would send your letter soon. Don't worry 🤩🤩🤩

Oh that's nice, why did you move??

Had to go and visit my brother for the weekend and I am still there. Would leave here on Tuesday morning.

Oh okay, no wahala then

Thanks dear. I'm sure you danced a lot today. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

I did oh, it's a month of praise in my church

It is the E for Energy for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@khaleesii always comes in loaded with extra energy ooo

Make she come dash me small bayi 🥲

🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂 I tell you. I don't know how she always pull it off. I sure need a dose of her Energy and vibe too. She's absolutely amazing.


What a marvelous God o.
Shey there is still space for one more?

It's the whole vibes for me. 😅

Come and join us oh, we want to start a praise band oh

When will you reach here??

I'm even on my way sef.

I carry my guitar join

Eyyyyyyyyyy we need the guitar surely, we have shaka shaka 😆

Very good sef.

Everybody must carry something come o.
e remain drums, piano, and bass guitar.

Ah watin my nephew them go carry ni, you want chaos ni

No o😂

They should come with tambourine and shekere na

Na me wan use am na, watin them go use

Hahaha, good old songs!
By the way I see some mummy G.O VIBES coming from you! Could this be a revelation? 😉😁
Anyways Kudos! Nice presentation!

You be pastor, make I marry you be your mummy G.O 😆

Wow!!! This is my first time of watching your presentation. You're so amazing @khaleesii. I admire the vibes and energy you incorporated into dishing out these lovely songs. You're awesome 👌

Thank you so much, I am glad you liked it.


Omo X 1 million
It's your energy for me ooo 🙌
This is so energetic and wonderful, covered with smiles on your faces.

You did so well with your nephew and niece.

But eeeem, David for bible no dance/vibe reach you ooo 😅

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😆 when praising God, there is no time for fine girl oh, thank you so much, I am glad you enjoyed us

Wow... See improvisation oo 😃
You've just open my eyes to another dimension.
Thanks, Keep up the good work.

Hehhee, really improvisation oh, I am glad you enjoyed it.

Lol... It's sweet and funny at the same time.. The way that little girl is going flat and also running out of key, na him dey make me laugh

My niece wanted to kill us, if you no how many times we stopped ehn 😆 we just had to continue on.

Take me to church...amazing,just like the good old days 😊

Thank you so much, that was the feel I was going for.