Afri-tunes #102 || Mama by Flavour ft. Chidinma (cover)

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Hello everyone, hope you're all doing fine, It's another weekend on afri-tunes, week 102. Initially, I thought I would not be able to make a presentation today, but I'm glad I managed to be here. So today, I decided to dive into Flavour songs and I came across "Mama", Chidinma was featured in the song and for me, the song came out well with Chidinma's powerful voice. However, this is not my first time listening to the song, but it always sounds new each time I listen to it.

The song is dedicated to mothers, it is all about the impact they have made in our lives, they have struggled to shape us into a better version of ourselves. The importance of a mother in a child's life can not be underestimated, because they can do anything to make sure their child is okay, the sacrifice of a mother is incomparable, and that's why they call them "Second God".

According to the singer, he appreciates his mother for everything she has done for him, the love she has shown him, her prayers over him and all the sacrifices she has made for him, and for this reason, he promised to give everything good to his mother. And that's what a good mother deserves, we should always appreciate the effort of a good and responsible mother, and that's why my mother will always own a special place in my heart. "I love you Mama"

The Lyrics

nnem nnem nnem nnem oh mama
afo mulumoh achalaugo mama
nnem nnem nnem nnem mama
precious gift i love you mama
chukwu gozielum nnemoh eh
olisa biko gozielum mama
if i dey worry worry she no dey sleep
everyday mama pray for me

ihe di mma kam nga emere gi eh mama eh
anything for you yehh
ihe di mma kam nga emere gi eh
mama you too much eh ×2

Lyrics source

Original sound

Instrumental was extracted from the original video with Moises Apk


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Whoa! Nice entry @maryjacy.
Mama's are the best no 2 words about that, they are precious gift indeed.

Weldon work ma'am.

Thank you "sir" for the compliment 😊
Of course mothers are precious, just like a diamond , good mothers can not be compared with anything, because they are priceless.

Thanks for stopping by🤗

This is really lovely Dr.
I really like this song 😍.

Thanks for your kind word, I'm glad you like it , it's nice having you around.


This is my first time hearing this song. I was so touched by the song, a song that talks about mothers. I so much love it

Oh! Your first time, though it's possible sha,still one of Flavour old album,and It always feel refreshing anytime. I appreciate you for taking your time to listen to my cover, good to have you.

@tipu curate 5

Thanks for your support.

undoubtedly mother's are blessings, their love is true and strong..
Thank You For Sharing This With Us @maryjacy

It's a pleasure having you around,I appreciate you support.

What an amazing entry. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece with us

Nice entry darling 🥰
Keep it up

Thanks for the compliment