AFRITUNES WEEK #82_Good Sin (Trumpet Cover) by @ovey10

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AFRITUNES WEEK #82_Good Sin (Trumpet Cover) by @ovey10


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Hello There, I welcome you to my blog once again.

This is an entry for Afritunes community week 82 and for this week I bring to us a cover of "Good Sin" by Olivetheboy.

This is one of the secular songs I fell in love with recently and if you ask me why I really cannot give detail reason why but I think the rhythm/beats of the song makes allot of sense to me. I don't know if among the sins there are good sins and there bad sins but according to the song writer he tried to justify the part of sin he wants to engage in as the good sin but my take on this is that sin is sin no matter how good it is and no matter how bad it is.

This song has been a hit on TikTok and other platforms recently and that's exactly where I got to listen to the famous Olivetheboy. This is his first song I've ever heard and hoping to hear more.

Before I live you to enjoy my piece I want to take this time out to wish you all a happy last day of the month and a happy new month in addy. I hope October comes with a lot of blessings that will beat your imagination. Thank you for always turning in and I hope you enjoy my trumpet vibes...

Thank You 🙏🙏




Keep quiet keep quiet …
A moment of silence for my baby
Don’t talk let me talk

{Verse 1}
Loving You girl no get holyday
I do am all day everyday mmmm
I need no one like I need you
O nah nah

Loving u girl it get Pom Pom
shey you go know how I want de Pom Pom shey oo
I need no one like I need you o
Onah nah mm shower body down and come my lover mmm
Make I dirty you well with my love laa laa

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Thank You

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This is amazing 😍

Dear glowie.. we've observed your spam comments on posts for some time now. Endeavor to watch and engage on a video entry properly... best regards!


Thanks dear glowie..
I appreciate🙏🙏

You're welcome

It has been a hit seriously in all social media platforms

You sang it well @ovey10 👍

Dear mhizerbee.. we've observed your comments on posts are too brief and more like spamming. We wish you can put in more effort in your engagement exercise...
Best regards 🙏

Thanks dear.. it has actually

Right 👍

Wow I just can't stop listening to this beautiful performance.
So Amazing @ovey

Thanks allot for coming around...


Yay! 🤗
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Ayayaya! This is awesome. I wish that I can learn instrument.
Thanks for sharing

If you've got sometime start practicing the keyboard.. am sure you will get it bit by bit😊😊
Thanks for coming around 🙏🙏

Okay 👍. Maybe that will be your next birthday gift to me next year. Hahaha 😄

Senior man with doing
See as you scatter every where with your trumpet cover
Weldon job 👍👍👍👍

I still de learn work oo😄😄
Thank you so much for coming around bro ...

Wow this is amazing
Omor you really kill the beat
Nice performance

Thanks dear..
Thou the beat tok nearly kill me but I tried my best🥲🥲..

See boss ooo, you too much

When I first saw the title of the song, I was confused about the good sin, but when I read in-between the lines, I came to realize the context.

You did excellently well brother, one day me sef go learn this trumphet, no oppress me abeg 😂😂

Baba... We waiting for you bro
Trumpet is ever ready for you sir..
Just don't forget to eat well before coming sha😄😄

This is mind blowing 🥰

Thanks dear..

Wow, you did a great job with this presentation.
I am happy to listen to your presentation.

Thanks so much for coming around
Am glad you enjoyed it..

You are welcome.