Afritunes Week 65 ~ Cover song of "Dansaki" by Princessbusayo.

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Good day, Afritunes community!!!

It's another privilege to present my rendition to you guys. It's week 65 and for today, I did a cover song of one of the songs from a Nigerian artist I have always loved right from time. It has been a long time listening to her songs and she has never failed to bring out the best. The song is titled "Dansaki" by Lara George.

Lara George is a woman with great talent in singing. Her songs are always inspiring and amazing. It has been years of listening to her and still do today. Most of her songs I have enjoyed are: Ijoba Orun, He is Lord, Titi Kan, Komasi(Nobody like you), Kolebaje, Hallelujah, etc. These are songs I can sing from the beginning to the end and I hope to bring more from her someday.

Dansaki is a Yoruba word meaning "Hail". This is like eulogizing God for all He has done. This is more like praising Him for His faithfulness and helping you in all spheres of life. The reason I chose this song is how it resonated with me till now. I love hailing God and one thing I have come to realize is that God is always pleased with whoever can eulogize, hail and give accord to Him. This is a way of showing that the individual is grateful to God in all ways.

Despite the challenges happening, it shouldn't stop us from praising God as He dwells in praises. God is always happy and ready to bless the one who is always ready to give thanks and honour to God.

You wouldn't want to say God hasn't done something in your life. Of course, even if you cannot think of anything else, your existence today is by His grace and that alone is enough to thank Him. It is the reason we need to inculcate the habit of saying, "Thank you, Lord" each morning when we wake up and at night when we are about to retire to bed. God never stops blessing an individual who shows gratitude to and acknowledges Him.

As you can see, I decided to dance to the song as I can't do that while sitting down. I love dancing even though I don't know how to dance. This is why you are seeing Princess moving her body from left to right and vice versa. Lol, I hope you enjoy listening. I appreciate your time too and thanks for your support on my video.

Lyrics of the song:

I'm acknowledging you for who you are
For what you've done
In my life ohoh
I'm acknowledging you for who you are
Dansaki re
Dansaki re baba

The instrumental beat was downloaded from

Thanks for your time on my blog.


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Sort: have such a lovely voice.
And you've done justice to this song.
Thanks for blessing our hearts.

Such a beautiful song from a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice.

Well-done dear 👏

Lara George is an amazing singer. It has been a while she released a song.
You cover is lovely. The song is a nice song and remains evergreen.
One of her song I love also is Otise. She sings so beautifully.

This particular song is one of the best songs Lara George has so far and I always find myself dancing anytime I hear the song. No be my fault, the song make sense ni 😀.
Weldone friend 👍

Yes, the song makes sense and I enjoy listening to it all the time. Thanks for showing up, Sayofunmi. Been a while though. Hope you are fine?

You're very much welcome friend.
I've been fine dear, just been caught up with a lot of work lately. But I'm very fine.
Thanks for checking up on me, I really appreciate you 🤗

My mother loves this son very much. It's probably one of her favourite songs. It is indeed a beautiful song.

You are doing well, Princess. I love this. Well done.

Yes, Dansaki is a beautiful song which I have loved for many years now. Thanks for listening, Jay.

Dansaki re Baba 🎼🎵🕺🕺,
This song with ijoba Orun is one of my favourite Lara George songs
Lovely selection, well presented too
Keep it up👍👍

Thank you, Drey for singing along 🫠

Thanks to your presentation now I know that dansaki is a Yoruba word, I thought it was an hausa word.
Great présentation And performance dear @princessbusayo !

Hehehe. It's a Yoruba word. Lol
Thanks for listening, @magicfingerz

This song never gets old no matter how many times I listened to it.

Lovely choice Princess 👸

This is awesome Lara gorge is one of my favorites when it comes to gospel songs, I'm proud of you dear .

Nothing is wrong with the voice o, it's even more sweeter the way it is lol, but get well soon .

God deserves our praise and gratitude for all that he has done for us.. I love this song so much personally, I can't count how many times it has been on replay on my phone.

Thanks for sharing this with us