AFRI-TUNES#74 ~` Johnny Drille ft Simi - Halleluya (Cover)

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Hello Music Lovers ❤️❤️❤️❤️

It's week #74 on @afri-tunes. I am @rukkie and for this week, I will be presenting one of the songs suggested in the community titled Halleluya by Johnny Drille ft Simi.

Halleluya is a love song that expresses the yearning and affection of two individuals who have been silently admiring each other.

When I saw the song suggested is one of Johnny Drille's, I told myself I will learn it and present it. I always fall in love with his songs, so when I checked online and saw that he featured Simi, haa I fell in love with the song the more even before listening to it and I must say I couldn't wait to present it. The lyrics of the song are just doing me somehow, I can't explain it maybe it's because, at some point in our lives, we must have felt that confusion/feelings wondering if the person we are crushing on feels the same way we do.

We will be actively checking up on their social feeds, seeing how many people liked their pictures or who is trying to link up with them. But in real life? Haa that o na silence o probably due to fear of rejection and you won't know if the other person feels what you feel for them. Most times, it's always sad if none of them says anything till one of them gets hooked up with someone else. Then comes, the premium tears, you go cry like say soldier flog you. But seriously with the way things are going, I think everyone should just try to express themselves if in such a situation so as not to regret not saying anything in the long run.

The lyrics to the song are given below;

Verse 1 – Johnny Drille}

I like you and it’s true
There is only one, just you
I find it hard to say
I wish you knew I am on your Instagram all day, Stalking you
You in my life, it's all I’m hoping fo
If you go be mine, yeh, na forever more
I want to talk my mind and say how I feel inside
But I fear you won’t, you won’t feel the same for me

{Chorus – Johnny Drille}

Oh if she loves me, Halleluya
If she says she loves me, Halleluya
Oh if she loves me, Halleluya
If she says she loves me, Halleluya

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Thank you for watching.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 166 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Where's the lie?
You're right jareee
Nice presentation

Hahaha thank you for watching.

You're welcome

Have always loved this song
And you've done justice to it
Kudos to you.

Oh I'm glad you see it that way. Thank you for watching.

You're welcome 😊

Normally I love Johnny drille's and simi song and then their collaboration hmm just awesome.

If I also see someone that loves me, I'll shout hallelujah oo 😃

Good job with your entry.

Hahaha thanks for watching.


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Thanks for having me.

Anty Rukkiee ooo doing it again. Wait o, e b like u sef na Drill crush, hehe. No mind me jare. Nice work here

Hahahaha I just love his songs. Thank you for watching.

I have listened to this song before, but haven't thought of scoring it.
I like the rhythm of the song and especially the hallelujah part.

From the way you sang it, I can tell that you really love the song.

Well done

Hahaha I really love it.
Thank you for watching.

She say the song has been "shacking" her 😂

I really love this song. I used to listen to it all day everyday. I really love your voice too! It is really divine. Plus those beautiful braid bangs.

E sha change key😏

E sha change key😏

😂😂😂😂 no vex

Plus those beautiful braid bangs.

Thank you so much dee.