AFRI-TUNES#72 ~` Teni - Uyo Meyo|| Let's Rejoice (Cover)

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Hello Music Lovers ❤️❤️❤️❤️

It's week #72 on @afri-tunes . My name is @rukkie and for this week I will be presenting a song titled "Uyo Meyo" by a Nigerian artist named Teni .

"Uyo Meyo" is a Traditional Ondo dialect in Nigeria that talks about rejoicing and happiness. I believe when you rejoice with people, your own happiness is just around the corner. Sometimes when people become successful, some gets jealous of them instead of rejoicing or being genuinely happy for them that's because they don't know the bridges they had to cross to get to that stage they are.

We all wear smiles and laugh to mask our pain but some of us know the hardship we have gone through in life to get to a certain stage and we keep pushing forward and never giving up to make our parents proud and be useful not just to ourselves but to the society at large.

"Uyo Meyo leun o san o kan mi o e" literally means the way I celebrate or rejoice with other people, it’s my turn to be celebrated.

I have always been happy when I see people doing well with their lives especially those who strive and work hard to get to where they are. It's not an easy ride especially when you have people trying to bring you down or you are having challenges in different form. It is true money is not everything, but with money,most of us would have gone beyond the level we currently at but I do believe in time we will get to that level that has been destined for us and people will also rejoice with us just as we are happy for them.



I believe God has a lot in store for me that's why I can't give up no matter the challenges life throws at me because I know I still have a long way to go. I pray my parents live long enough to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

In life, there are some songs that hit you on different levels bringing out emotions and feelings of motivation and this song is literally one of them. There is no time I listen to this song that I don't shed tears. Everyone of us has our own story to tell and I pray that people will also celebrate and rejoice with us just as we have done with them.

Here is the Source where you can get the English translation of the song.

Instrumental : Source

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It's a good thing to celebrate other people's happiness and wins, very soon I will get to our turn too.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for watching sis

Keep it up!
I'll recommend that you follow the afri vocal institute classes and utilize it.
There is always a space for growth and improvement.

Thank you for watching.


Nice write up

Thank you.

You are welcome

This song ehhh
You try o
Nice entry dear

I am glad you liked it. Thank you sis.

You are welcome

Despite the hardships we experience and face in life, we need to put a smile on our faces 😀

Beautiful rendition 🌹

Thank you sis. I am glad you enjoyed it.

You're welcome

Wow, this is so nice, the write-up made it even nicer. well, done.

Thank you for coming around.

Rukkie beke, afar na
See as u just dey glow dey go. Show me way na.
I like dis one just as I like u. Oh sorry as I love u, hehe

😃😃😃😃😃 Thank you. He sweet me as you say you like am.

Hello Rukkie 🌹
This is a beautiful presentation
I had loved this song so much when it was released. I still love it though.
Well done on this 🌹

I am glad you enjoyed my presentation. Thank you for watching.

Oh this is one of my Teni favorite songs.
Well done 😊

Thank you for watching

This song actually gives good and positive vibes no doubt.
Teni did well in producing a song like this.

No matter how life gets really challenging, we can always look for the little things to be grateful for.

Nicely done

Thank you for watching sis.

Been a while I heard this song I
Nice cover 👍👍

I'm glad you enjoyed my presentation. Thank you for watching.

I can't remember the last time I heard this song... It was amazing listening to you. Well done dear👏👏

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