Afri-tunes week #23_ Nigerian praise medley by sholex

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Hello music lovers, hello Afri-tunes community lovers... I hope we're all doing good.

Welcome to Afri-tunes week #23 and so today I'll be doing a Nigerian praise medley, it's more of yoruba songs though forgive me, I have made the interpretation available anyways for those that does not understand Yoruba.

Praising God has usually being my habit, and I can't just do without it. And that's why am dropping this praises as my entry for this week.
I hope you enjoy it.
Please don't mind the background noise. Forgive me🙏

I'll never be ungrateful to you lord
I'll never be ungrateful to you lord
Emi oni ya alaimore
Emi oni ya alaimore

Eyin ni oluwa (you're lord)
Jehovah eyin ni oluwa oba wa (Jehovah you're lord our King)

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Thanks my boss @ksam

You're welcome baba

I'll forever be grateful lord , thanks for blessingy souls with this song this morning.
And I love the way the guitar aligned with the song...

Thanks so much dear.


I think that the Yoruba language was created for praising God. Yoruba worship songs are great. Thank you so much @sholex94 for your presentation & your beautiful playing. 🤗🤗😇🙌🙌❣❣🥳 🎶 🎵

Yoruba songs are great indeed. Am glad you like my presentation. Thanks for visiting.

Oh dear friend. This is a lovely song and I do appreciate the fact that you represented your faith in Christ. Keep it up.

Thanks so much, am glad you enjoyed my entry.

Yes I did.

@sholex94! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ddn688. (8/20)

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Praising God has usually being my habit, and I can't just do without it.

True, and with it we find peace forever.

Lovely voice as always.

Thanks so much dear friend.

You are welcome dear.

You see that first song right? I like an wella
Please do you know who sang the real song?
I just love it wella

I love the music you created and the amazing combo.
Kudos bro

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The owner of the song is Bidemi Olaoba.
Thanks so much boss, am glad you like my entry.

Thanks for the info
I'll check it out bro

Nice cover bro
Love the guitar too
You did well

Thanks so much bro, am glad you like it.