Afri-tunes week 100 - Olorun agbaye - you're mighty by Nathaniel Bassey (cover)

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Hi guys, I hope you're all are doing well... it's Afri-tunes music event again, this week is not just an ordinary week but a wonderful and magnificent week 100, it has been a remarkable journey with good memories, I could remember the first time I started making my entry in the community I think it was week 14 and now see how time flies, now in week 100. God bless afri-tunes community, may the community continue to progress, forward ever backward never.

Today I'll be presenting a song by Nathaniel Bassey titled olorun agabye - you're mighty. olorun agbaye means "God of the universe."
This was the same song I used as my first entry in he community, week 14. And now I'm presenting another cover of the song to mark this remarkable week of afri-tunes.
Olorun agabye - you're mighty is one of those songs that I wish I could hit the studio one day and sing it, reason being that I so much love how Nathaniel Bassey arranged it, and tune aswell is just superb.

The song was laying emphasis on the already known truth that God of the universe is a mighty God, one who can do and undo, like some people will say that what God cannot do does not exist.That's absolutely true, He has the power to do all things according to His will.
One amazing thing is that there's no exact words we can use to describe the exact way God is, whatever name we can think of, God is bigger than that. Glory be to Him in the highest.

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This wonderful week of afri-tunes week 100, I'll be presenting my music cover in Acapella, I hope you find it interesting.

You are Good, you are kind
You are more than these
I’m lost for Words trying to describe you
Elohim, El-elyon, Aleselewi
Your Greatness is all I see
There is nothing you cannot do
There’s no mountain you cannot move
If you have said it
Then you will do it
Cause You have a Track record
Of keeping Words
And you’re not about
To stop doing it now
Olorun Agbaye oh
(You are Mighty oh)

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whoa! wonderful presentation, boss.There's nothing God cannot do. He is God over everything and everyone. I love how you sing @sholex94

God is really a mighty God,he is our help in this present times
Beautiful presentation 👍

Olurom agbaye God if the universe. He is mighty and always will be mighty

This is really a wonderful entry. Thanks for the beautiful entry

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This is awesome. God is good and no one can be compared to him. We can only survive through this mighty God.
Thanks for sharing