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Holler Afri-tunes community,Welcome to week #81 of our weekly contest...I trust we all are doing okay, it's been quite tough combining my daily job with hive but I show up regardless 😉. For this week I'd be covering a song by Nigerian Afro-pop singer Jaywillz called Medicine. I chose the song Medicine by "Jaywillz" because it's an absolutely beautiful love song, really groovy,well written and danceable too and of course I love the song so much. It reminds me of a special someone 😊. You know someone you can't do without, that kind of feeling you have when you're in love with can't go a day without talking to them. She's everything to you and you don't want to lose her, she's your medicine, she keeps you sane, makes you happy, cares for you, loves you and gives you peace of mind 🤍.

The song basically talks about a lover who doesn't wanna lose his love interest, because she is everything to him. She's his lover and best friend and he'd do anything just to keep her in his life. He promises not to play with her heart, he's here to stay and he's for real. She's his remedy☺️, some part of the lyric says

"Cause you my medicine girl
(I don't wanna lose you, l don't wanna)
'Cause you my remedy oh
(I don't wanna lose you, l don't wanna)

This song is sung in English mixed with vernacular with some Nigerian slangs embedded in it. I do hope you enjoy 🎧 my cover of this beautiful love song by Jaywillz, see y'all in week #82😉
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Comunidad Holler Afri-tunes, Bienvenidos a la semana 81 de nuestro concurso semanal... Confío en que a todos nos va bien, ha sido bastante difícil combinar mi trabajo diario con Hive, pero asisto de todos modos 😉. Esta semana haré un cover de una canción del cantante afropop nigeriano Jaywillz llamada Medicine.
Elegí la canción Medicine de "Jaywillz" porque es una canción de amor absolutamente hermosa, realmente genial, bien escrita y también bailable y, por supuesto, me encanta la canción. Me recuerda a alguien especial 😊. Conoces a alguien de quien no puedes prescindir, ese tipo de sentimiento que tienes cuando estás enamorado de alguien... no puedes pasar un día sin hablar con esa persona. Ella lo es todo para ti y no quieres perderla, ella es tu medicina, te mantiene cuerdo, te hace feliz, te cuida, te ama y te da tranquilidad 🤍.

La canción básicamente habla de un amante que no quiere perder a su interés amoroso, porque ella lo es todo para él. Ella es su amante y su mejor amiga y él haría cualquier cosa para mantenerla en su vida. Él promete no jugar con su corazón, está aquí para quedarse y es real. Ella es su remedio☺️, dice alguna parte de la letra

"Porque eres mi curandera
(No quiero perderte, no quiero)
Porque eres mi remedio oh
(No quiero perderte, no quiero)

Esta canción se canta en inglés mezclado con lengua vernácula y con algunas jergas nigerianas incorporadas. Espero que disfruten 🎧 mi versión de esta hermosa canción de amor de Jaywillz, nos vemos en la semana #82😉
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Hmmm I'm silenced by your entry, bro you're are amazing 😍
Heh e be like say you go be my new mentor hehehe 😆

Lol bro, thank you so much... I appreciate 🙏

Omo! Indeed this song is medicine. Perfect name for the perfect song! You dey always bring vibez onto the community. Also this singing thing comes easy to you. I have a friend who learns songs just by listening twice and then he sings word for word. That's a great gift!
Keep it up bro! You owned the song!

I appreciate you bro... grateful to God for the talent 🙏. Thank you so much for tuning in bro, Blessings always 🥂


Great job sleemfit..
I love the vibes on vibes, I miss hearing you on the jinta here, hope our jinta is in good condition ☺️☺️
Thank you for sharing this with us @sleemfit

Thanks bro...I appreciate it much, lol my jinta is in good condition. I just haven't had time to play it, work and all.

Omor u are amazing
Nice one

Thank you so much 🤍