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Hello everyone, welcome to Afri-tunes community, where we share music, tunes surrounding our African culture and heritage. It's week #118 of our weekly contest and as always I'm super excited to share my entry 😁. I trust you all are doing okay, for this week I'd be performing a song by Nigerian musical artistes "Fireboy & Asake" called "Bandana". This song was released in the year 2022 and is still an amazing record to date. I have chosen to perform this song as it's one of my favourites from 2 of my favourite artistes. I love Fireboy's songs, also a huge fan of Asake as well. Now imagine both artistes on a record? Yeah you guessed right, it's mind-blowing 🤯. What's even more interesting, they're both in the same record label (YBNL).

The song depicts the ambitious and self-assertive mindset of both artistes as they’ve shown how talented they are in recent times; dropping back-to-back hit songs as well as singing to make a mark in the music industry. They've been in the music industry for so long but only got into the limelight quite recently. People are beginning to notice them as they keep giving us bangers every now and then.
Fireboy says he's been in the game since '06, showing how long he's been working and dedicated to his craft. Both artistes are now renowned and globally recognised. It took years of hard-work to get them where they are now, most people only see the glory now but they don't know the story behind it. The talent is in born for both of them but then, they still had to do the work to get where they are today. They bet you never saw them coming, like being around and dropping hits steadily. They're both a force to reckon with at home and abroad. I do hope you all enjoy 🎧 my cover of this smash hit, see you soon.



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senior man with the authentic vibes, baba u gat it wella
very soon we go dey call you Wizkid
this is beautiful bro

My bro, I appreciate choke.... ómò e don tey gan. Amen, God would all our dreams and aspirations come through 🙏.

uwlc baba
sure, God go do us well

Beautiful one bro, I love your vibes and your energy. Keep it up bro

Thanks baba, I appreciate it much.... Blessings 🙏

Beautiful rendition of the song , i really love your presentation

Thank you so much, I appreciate it 😊.

Awesome performance @sleemfit
One of the old songs that's still reigning..:)
Thank You For Sharing This With Us

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Thanks for always supporting my people, I appreciate it much 🤍

😂 lovely presentation!!!
Lovely vibes, like your expression and creativity.
Nice one!!!

Thank you so much dear, I appreciate your kind words and compliment 🤗.

You're welcome

I always love to listen to your entries
This is mad bro
You gat the voice and the vibes
Love this 🤩👍👌

Thanks my bro...I appreciate it much 🖤.