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Hello everyone and welcome back to Afritunes week 102! It's been a few months since I last posted a video in this community which is far too long. I sincerely apologize and hope you'll forgive my absence. Sometimes life just gets overly busy. But I am thrilled to be back creating content for this wonderful, supportive community that feels like family to me. I missed you all!

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In today's video I'm excited to share a very special song with you - it's an original song called "Man of War" that was composed in my church some years ago. Whenever we would sing it during services, I could feel the power and majesty in the lyrics. It never failed to move me deeply and fill me with strength during turbulent seasons. So I wanted to learn this song properly, record it and share it with you all today. I think you're going to love it.

The title "Man of War" is a name for God used in the Bible to signify his mighty power as a warrior who fights for his people. It comes from the book of Exodus when Moses and the enslaved Israelites saw God deliver them from their horrific oppression under Egypt's Pharaoh through terrifying plagues. After that stunning show of divine might and victory against their enemy, they gave God a new name - "Yahweh-Nissi" meaning "The Lord is my banner." Under that banner of supreme power, the bedraggled Israelites found hope, freedom, and triumph at last.

This song carries that same raw, defiant power I can feel resonating through the lyrics declaring who our God truly is. As a "Man of War," he marches ahead of us into every battle that life throws our way, conquering fear, despair and anything seeking to entrap us. It's a cry of absolute trust in God's strength to shatter every chain binding us no matter how overwhelming circumstances become. This song pierces oppression right in the heart.

I will admit learning to perform this passion-filled song took me way out of my comfort zone. It has a very different style than my usual kind of song. But I think stepping beyond those creative limits resulted in my favorite video so far.

So I truly hope this spontaneous high-energy worship session blesses and lifts your spirit today friends. Please let me know in comments what songs old or new have been your lifeline lately when you desperately needed to feel God fighting alongside you. Because I believe the lyrics say it best - "Jehovah is a fighter in the time of war ,And under his banner, the battle belongs to Him so we can walk free. Now let's worship together.


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I love the message of this song,
May God Make us man of War against the devil.
Excellent presentation dear

Very beautiful rendition!👏 You have a very soothing voice and it was truly nice listening to this song. Well done

Man of war portrays God as the battle fighter who fights our battles in secrets.

This is why we need to allow him take the lead.
Well-done @treasuree

What a way to make a comeback!! You’ve a voice i used to call innocent voice hehe, because it’s so cool and soothing to the ears. Nice presentation

Hahaha. So voice can be innocent? Okay o. Thanks for the kind words

Ulwc 😊

See my baby,keep doing well honey ,I love the song you presented ,you nailed it well .

Thanks God bless you

Super nice


You did so well.
Beautiful entry.

Thank you. Glad you stopped here

My God is a man of war indeed. We are surviving because he fights for us everyday.
Thanks for sharing

Of course he's a great fighter in time of battle.
Thanks ma

Welcome back dear, your sins are forgiven 😃😃

Thank God for always fighting our battles for us.
Nice presentation dear.

I hope your church is planning to make a record because this song is so powerful and very lovely. Nice one sis

The lyrics are powerful and inspiring too. Being a man of war is something we need to keep praying as Christians because we must be a strong warrior for God to use. Nice song, T.

Welcome back fine lady, I appreciate songwriting in a choir and this is a nice song you've shared with us... In case of next try and give us lyrics when it's an original like this

Ok sir noted. Will have that in mind

If I could play my guitar very well, I would have been your instrumentalist for this song. Nice entry.

mama T afar na, long time. u don scarce o, shew!! u con b like u chabge for my eye hehe
nice presentation ma