Afritunes week 79 <> Testimonies By Adachi [cover by treasuree]

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Hello everyone ,this is week 79 of this edition, Afritunes community. We have both had an amazing week so far, and I can honestly say that God has been very good to us all.

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The pastor of my church often says, "Every day our lives are a testimony to God." He goes on to mention that after people share their testimony, they should always be grateful to God for what they have been able to accomplish. He says that it is important to show our gratitude to God by living our lives to the fullest and being an example of God's love and mercy. He also encourages us to take the time to share our testimony with others, so that they can gain hope and inspiration from it.

From this I always say everything that happens to me is a testimony on its own whether good or bad. So far I am still alive and I can breathe well without any issues , then it is something I should be thankful to God about.

So I will be doing a song by Ada Ehi titled testimonies. This song gave me a tough time bringing it to the point at which it is, because I am not a treble or soprano singer so it was a bit on the high side for me. I had to do a lot of recordings and was already getting a headache before I finally settled on this.I did a lot of singing along and recording and deleting before I could edit it out to this.

So I hope that you enjoy this presentation of mine.

For the Lord Himself is my portion
He lifts my head in glory
For my hand the Lord has exalted
He teaches me to prosper

I have come with stories to tell
I have come with
Take a look at me, you can see it
Say you can call me
It is my time, and it is my season
All around me
And because the Lord is my Shepherd
I shall never want

See the word is working
And I'm so full of praise

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Thanks for watching.

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Beautiful song, well done Treasure.

Thank you sir. I appreciate your stopping by

Wonderful entry dear, bravo... Was just listening to this song on my phone two nights ago and felt blessed and seeing this your entry right now, the Bluetooth dewice is about to be connected a-succesfuly

Hehe let it connect o
Thanks for stopping by

Anty Treasure I hail o. Abi you no gree make i win last week. After now u go preach say make we dey sacrifice for one another 🙄🙄😅
Sha if no v say dis presentation sweet I for no follow u talk again, hehe. The combination is nice. Weldone

You guys have been winning since na, this one I was just picked for the week you don't want me to enjoy.

It's well o
Glad you enjoyed it.

It is not well o. Infact make I I report u give Ossom

🤣🤣🤣🤣 why won't it be well. ?
I tire for you o

Lolz, na me b dat

Hmmmm this is what I needed this morning and I am happy I got it from your ministration, this is a beautiful presentation treasure, well done dear

Awwwwn thanks for stopping by foxy.
Glad you enjoyed it

How come I haven't heard of this song from Adaehi...I use to follow her songs and it's always awesome. Glad you shared
Btw, your editing is really nice
Well done
Nicely presented

It's an old song though
Thanks for stopping by 😍😍

You are completely right dear. Our lives are testimonies and we need to continue praising the name of the lord for his faithfulness upon our. He is always faithful, even in our unfaithfulness. Thank you so much for this wonderful choice of song, and thank you for gracing us with your ever melodic voice.

Yes we are a testimony
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I am glad you like the choice of song

Thank you for thanking me my sister.

Ahh, I love this song. I don't know why anytime I hear it, it gives this nostalgic feeling.


Hehe I also like it too.
Thanks for watching

I enjoyed this your presentation o
Nice one dear ☺️

Thank you dear.
Glad you enjoyed

I so much love this song,
Ada Ehi is blessed with her unique voice.
You sang this so beautifully, Nice video editing too, me I go come learn for your Hand o
Well done dear

Shes a good singer I like her vibe

You that is OG in the matter 🤣
Thanks for stopping by

I love Ada Ehi's music ever since I heard the song ''Congratulations'' that she sang.
This was really Lovely!

That song too is so nice, she has a really high pitch too.
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Testimonies will always be on our mouths coz God have not seize to be God and he will not, he always gives us reason to testify
Great presentation dear, i love your vibes

From this I always say everything that happens to me is a testimony on its own whether good or bad. So far I am still alive and I can breathe well without any issues , then it is something I should be thankful to God about

Exactly my dear, that is what most people don't know, when people are broke they think God is not on their side, while there are some people in the grave and some fighting for their lives in hospital.

Being hale and healthy is something we Africans especially underates which is not supposed to be.

In-between you did well with the song, you've got a beautiful voice. Keep it up

You're absolutely right, every day of our life is a testimony, the grace of being alive alone is a great testimony amongst other things.

Nice rendition dear, keep up the good work.

Thanks so much sholex
Glad to see you here again

Great @treasuree
Beautiful rendition 👏

Lovely entry dear


Nice presentation, Treasure. I’m glad I came across this.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for whatching

Every day is a testimony to us; our waking up, provision etc. This is a beautiful song, T. Well-done

Yes it is we are a testimony in all
Tha is for stopping by