Afri-tunes week 80, Ese Oluwa by Sonnie Badu

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Hello! In The Afri-tunes community, I am very super excited to be part of this wonderful week.
As you all know, we are in week 80, what a special week.
I will be presenting a song by Sonnie Badu , the song is titled : ESE OLUWA .please I want you to stay tuned and watch my video, it promises to be incredible and full of blessings, I want to say thank you in advance.

This song inspires me so much that I could not get rid of it, it is a song of Thanksgiving, it talks about the goodness of God, it talks about how caring our maker is to us, it talks about his faithfulness, it talks about how dependable he is to us, and it also talks about how reliable he has been to us his children. I am using my presentation to show him gratitude for all he has done, and I think has been faithful and good to you as well. He is always on point for us, he always makes ways to be where there is no way, I have his mighty works.
He is a loving father, and he is who he says he is.

Here are the lyrics to the song written by me.

You gave me shelter, when I had no other
You made a way where there was no way
You turned my darkness into light
Awa dupe baba

You put food on my table daddy
You called for me when I was lost,
Who can be compared unto you
Awadupe baba.

Awadupe baba ooo
Awadupe baba
Awadupe eledumare
Awadupe baba.

Ese oluwa ,ese baba oo
Ese oluwa ,awadupe baba.

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Omo the back up is backuping o🤣😂
Nice presentation dear.
Good job

I remembered this amazing song
Very danceable and beautiful
I love the way you sang the song too
Keep up the great work

Thank you so much

Hmmm, e sure me say na @treasuree dey do that backing up, hehe.
I love the energy in the singing. Weldone

Thank you so much sir

Hehe, how do you know? 😂
Okay you have catch me. Na me do am 😂

Hmmm I'm always glad to stop by your post
Always on minister mood, I really love, e be like say I go give you invitation come my church come minister hehehe 😆

Hmmm , seriously I would look forward to that , it is Gods work

Absolutely sir

Amazing cover bro..
I wish you let your backup show face in your video. You guys did well with the song.
Visit other artists post and let them know what you think about their entries too bro..
Thank you for sharing this with us @wallay

Thank you boss

Lovely performance
You have a nice back up😘😘
Keep on the great work 🤗🤗

Thank you sis

This is really lovely
Weldon dear

Thank you very much

You're welcome 😊

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 174 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Is that Treasure at the back? Hehehe. This couple. I love your energy. It’s really contagious and your song rendition is really something beautiful. Lovely!😁😊

Thank you so much

😃😃 I want to rent your back up singer for my next entry.

Nice collaboration, keep up the good work.

Hmm rent ke, lolzzz,
Please find you own backup ooo😀😀

I love your energies
Your backup is really good 😊
Well-done 👏

Thank you so much

You're welcome

I have had it in mind to sing this song for a while now but haven't.
You cover is lovely. Well done