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Hello everyone, it's of great joy for me to be able to make my debut today in Afri-tunes week 65. Actually i've been paying attention to the community over the last few weeks, you know seeing how things are supposed to be done and also the DON'Ts in the community. So today i feel like i am ready to make my debut after learning the basics of how Afri-Tunes community works.

That said, i'll be performing a cover of a song titled "Pray for me" by Darey ft Soweto gospel choir. why i choose this song is because i believe it's quite relatable, the song talks about a man who's willing to go into the "struggling" world to hustle in other to make it in life but in the process leaving his family & loved ones behind.

i know many nigerian youths are outside there going through this type of struggles and this doesn't leave me out. i can testify to this because i left home shortly after my Nysc program ended in year 2019 and was only priviledged to see my family and friends just 5 times from 2019 - 2022, its pretty hard because the type of job i got myself into doesn't give me time to travel or go on holidays.

The funniest part is during that "crazy" times at work, i got the opportunity to check on my family at home. lo and behold on getting home i found out that my kid sister had graduated from Secondary school and at the time already written her post utme in FUNAAB, i was like how? and asked myself has it been that long i left home.?smile's.
(oh by the way my kid sister is now a bonafide Funaab student🤍)

in a nutshell, Pray for me as the title implies means every single one of us out there needs our parents and/or loved ones prayers for us to find our ways and to survive in this harsh world.
Now sit, relaxe and watch me as i do my presentation. thanks.


Woke up one sunday morning
Told my daddy i'm leaving home
Going off to the city tomorrow
Even though i don't know where to go.

Daddy said son don't be a fool
Cause life in the city is unbelievable
You could get broken oh you're just a little boy
And you may never find your way
And i said i know i could get loat ( i know i, i)
I know i could get broken (i know i)
Forgive me father but i've got to take a chance
oh i'm already gone so just

Pray for me (Gbàdúrà fuń mi)
Pray i find my way (Kori bamise)
Oh forgive me father but i got to take a chance.
Oh i'm already gone so just.....
Lyrics Source

Thank you so much for stopping by, means the world to me. i know i might be lacking in one way or the other but i hope to improve as time goes on. See you on next contest!!

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Omo this song don tey oooo, mehn this song is so emotional, every word of the lyrics is so meaningful.
Grinding to meet daily needs is not easy, we all need prayer.

This is indeed a Master class presentation from you

Exactly, it’s a song I knew many would relate with and like your review it’s an “old song with a meaningful lyrics” which make the song an evergreen for me. Thank you for stopping by champ!

Welcome brotherly

This is one of my favorite songs. Can singe every lyrics word for word. Really love your presentation.

Ohh, That’s’s such a good song. thanks for stopping by 🤗

You have done well scoring this song dear. It's really beautiful listening to you sing this song.
Well done

Really? Cool, that’s comforting. Thanks so much for the kind words 🤗

You are welcome dear🥰

I remember this song but I can't sing it. I love it and you presented it well dear

Ohh thank you…but c’mon I know you can sing it even better than me 🫣😁. Thanks for stopping by.

No dey whine me 😁

Hehe, you mean my believe in you na lie?😁

I love the word 'debut' that you used.
You are welcome to the community.
Your entry is amazing. The song is a lovely one too.

Oh, thank you so much 😊

Hello @wealthwess, Welcome to afri-tunes, we hope to see you more often here, and I also hope you enjoy your stay. Have fun.✌️

In the struggle to become a better person, most times we need to leave our comfort zones.

It’s a great pleasure to be here champ. Thank you so much for the warm welcome and yes i guess I’m here to stay 🫣.

Exactly, I think most times it’s the best decision, when one leaves his/her comfort zone there’s a chance for growth.

This was my song that year....

Everyday of my life, I would even sing it in my dream sef
I'll try a cover of it someday


Everyday of my life, I would even sing it in my dream sef

Haha, for real? That show you loved the songs too well. Yeah. Why not give it a go someday soon. by the way thanks for stopping by your words got me smiling.😊