Football already!

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When it comes to sports, the Japanese are as persistent as it gets. On January third of this year, bright and early while most in the world would still be recovering from New Years and Xmas activities ( or working), one of my sons had his football opening ceremony. A friend of mine who’s son also plays football had his on January 2nd.


The opening ceremony consists of course, of a few rounds of soccer ⚽️ BUT the parents also get involved. Well the dads, no moms were on the field kicking it. There were a few parents vs students matches and I can see why the coaches decide to do this as it is a good team building experience and helps get the parents more involved in their child’s sport of choice.

*One thing I realized quickly is that most of the dads where / are soccer players as they all had training shoes 👟 and the evidence was on the field. Me? I had on my old musty sneakers I wear to go to the park with the kids. Also, I was one of the more inexperienced dads ( besides the goalkeeper who quickly appointed himself the position). I can kick and control the ball but soccer was never my thing, basketball 🏀 is my sport of choice. Why don’t my sons like basketball 😭!!!!? ( Affirmation: My sons enjoy basketball, they are great players, the new basketball court at their school will be filled with many wonderful experiences for them. 😁

The opening ceremony started at 8:30 and ended a little after noon with kids enjoying some hot misou soup prepared by some of the soccer moms. My son had 6 friggin bowls, not necessarily because he was hungry but because boys ——- alpha boys love that kinda of competition amongst themselves: “I drank 6 bowls, how many did you drink?” 😤 And imagine I went there on an empty stomach as I had no time to eat breakfast 🍳. Well I had one bowl and because I know how these boys are, I didn’t go back for seconds.

I don’t like soccer,

it’s a bitch to wake up early morning in the winter and it actually wasn’t my day to take him to practice. But my wife woke up feeling ill. I wonder what caused that 🥃 🤔? I actually woke up vexed asf when my wife asked me to switch and go instead of her. But then I switched my switch ( that’s a lot of fvcking switches) and got my mind right and took my son.

If it’s one thing parenting and being a teacher has taught me it’s to be flexible and pivot to the positive of the situation at hand. I could have easily went with my son, kept to myself and been a grouch all day but that ain’t the dadly thing to do.
So I threw myself into the day with a positive foot 🦶 forward. I actually enjoyed playing soccer with my son’s team and other parents, there were some funny moments. It was also a good chance to chitchat with the other parents.

Well, I know my football duties will increase this year as the kid is just getting started. So I guess this post is therapy in preparation for that 😆

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The small competitions kids have within themselves is always funny and to them its the biggest thing in the world. I miss my football days. To be honest, it taught me a lot of things, from social aspects to fitness and whatnot. Looks like it is also teaching you a lot more about parenting haha

I wish the other twin would play football too, he quit after a few practices so it's only one of them, but I definitely aflgree that it builds their social skills, fitness and more. I can already see the difference between the twins in this aspect. Man it really is a heavy hitter, takes a toll on the entire family but in a good way, more efficient.

Such activities that one should continue be it in winter or summer, it is very good for one's health and in this way, beating the opponent team in a game with friends is much more fun.

I hope they win matches this year as they train very hard. I wish I had this decipline at their age.

Yeah you are right.

Hahah. Look at all those little legs :)
I was very bad at football when I was a kid. I played for my high school briefly because they didn't have enough players haha. I was in defence and scored one for the other team 😂

Hahaha that must have been hella embarrassing I can imagine. I played for a short time myself but quit soon after as I realized it wasn't for me.

"it’s to be flexible and pivot to the positive of the situation at hand." I think that is what a lot of parent lacks currently now

It isn't easy, I know many parents don't even let their kids participate in these sports as time and money 💰 concern outweighs the kids passion.

Sounds actually like a lot of fun!
Makes me grin! 😁
Enjoy your family, it's a Great thing to watch - over years!

Take Care and Stay Blessed as well,
Have an Amazing Weekend!

It was indeed.

He has improved a lot over the short time he's been playing. Can just imagine this time next year.

Yes! 🙌🏾 I shall! Enjoy yourself over there Les.

Wow, I happy to know, with all the laziness, you still came with your little boy.

Hahaha laziness is right. Many more days to overcome 😂

I’m sure your son had fun with his peers and the dish must be delicious for him to have six bowls😅
That’s a nice one though

It was indeed fun except the cold. Imagine after the 6 bowls he still wanted more 😯

hahaha so you took your son to the practice? that is cool.

In all honestly I guess I should be the main one taking him mostly but work and side gigs.

i can understand.

Loved the affirmation hahaha made me laugh quite a bit

I hope it it works 😂