Hive Openmic Community. Week #200, cover of "I love you" by @adyma

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Hello everyone, I welcome you all to Hive Openmic Community, week #200. It's your girl @adyma, for this week, I thought of a song to present but a song titled "I love you" came into my mind.

For this week's cover, I decided to invite my friends to come help me sing, I want to use this medium to tell them thank you for always being there for me. I really appreciate the love they have for me, I want to say that I love them but God loves them more.

It is a song done by Joyous celebration, they see God as the source of their joy and life and I also viewed it in my own perspective as a love song that Christians are supposed to use in appreciating God.

I'm just grateful to God for the gift of life, good health and prosperity, out there it's not easy but God has made things easy for me, my family and friends, I have no silver nor gold to offer unto this great King other than to praise him, I hope you all will join me as we praise God.

Song lyrics

I love you
I really do
You are the reason
I sing this song (All of my heart)

With all of my heart (All of my soul)
With all of my soul (All of my strength)
With all of my strength (I give you the praise)

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My friend @adyma you presentations is fantastic. The vídeo excellent. Congratulations

Thank you so much sir
I appreciate

Wow, you guys are amazing. Congratulations on such an adorable presentation. I love listening to this harmonica vocal demo. You have done it wonderfully. Applause for all.

Thank you so much sir
We really appreciate

Nice entry dear, you girls sing so well, thanks for sharing with us

Thank you so much
I appreciate

Oh my that harmony is the best I ve seen in recent times. God bless you all so much.

Thank you so much
I really appreciate

Ah! See @glowie o, omo this is great. The voice combinations seem perfectly done. Wait o, na glowie be your choir mistress? Hehe
Nice one

Yes oo
@glowie was the choir mistress of the day.
Thank you so much I really appreciate.



Awnnnnn see my baby, this is so nice, the voices is heavenly 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺. You are too much💋💋

Thanks baby 🥰
I really appreciate

You are welcome 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Awesome! The voices blend so well together, and I perceive you girls didn't even had to do much practice to make it this beautiful to listen to.

I've heard this song before, it's been so long. Thanks for sharing with us your voices combined 😊

I'm glad you enjoyed it
Thank you so much
I really appreciate

oooh! la polifonia de esta canción, maravillosa. realmente un muy buena interpretación a voces. =)

Thank you so much

beautiful work girls! I love the harmonic work on voices. God bless you, congratulations adyma

Thank you
I appreciate


Wow, I stand up in front of so much talent gathered ❤️ Congratulations, you guys sound great, I would love to see more of this in the future, ace amazing 🙏

I'm glad you liked it
Thank you