HIve Open Mic Week 200 | Thank You For Being A Friend (cover) Cynthia Fee By ashiru

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Wow, @Hiveopenmic is 200 this week. I'm so happy and glad to be part of this beautiful community.

Hello everyone, music lover and listener of Hive open mic. My name is Ashiru. Welcome to Hive Open Mic week 200. This week is a beautiful and happy week for us members of Hive Open Mic. The theme for this week is Virtual Serenade. So, I'll be sharing with us a cover of a song title "Thank For Being Friend" by Cynthia Fee.

Firstly, thanks to @jesuslnrs who is the spotlight Artist for this week for this beautiful topic. It is hard for me to choose someone to dedicate my song to because this platform is full of beautiful people and most especially here on #Hiveopenmic.

However, I'll be dedicating this song to a Friend like a brother that I have always found His post very interesting and educative on Hive. He is the one that introduce me to Hive. He is an amazing guy, I always wish to be extraordinary and committed to living just like Him.

@valchiz I hope you enjoy the cover of this song. The song talks about someone showing gratitude to a true friend, assuring this person that He will always cherish the person. So, I'll be using this song to appreciating you by saying thank you and God bless you for being a wonderful friend to me and my family.

I hope I did a wonderful cover of this song and I hope you all enjoy it too.


lyrics from smule

Thank you for being a friend.
Travel down the road and back again.
Your heart is true, you're
a pal and a confidant.

And if you threw a party,
You invited everyone you knew.
You would see the biggest
gift would be from me
and the card attached would say,
thank you for being a friend.

Thanks for your time on my blog.

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What I have loved most here is that there is a remarkable artistic evolution. Now you express yourself like the great singers of the industry and you transmit a lot of charisma to the viewer, it is a 180º turn in your content, and I know you have followed advice, bravo ❤️ On the other hand, it has been incredible that you gave your Virtual Serenade to @valchiz, you are on fire brother 🔥

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Thanks for the support, I'm really grateful. God bless you sir

My friend, your presentation of this week's 200th is impeccable. Very good your virtual serenade.

Wow. Thanks friend.
I'm just so happy presenting this week,
I'm happy that I'm part of the family.

My regards, brother. You have given a good presentation.
I am glad that you share this dedication and especially your will and enthusiasm.
Good vibes for you.

Thank you very much for your kind words. I am glad you found the presentation meaningful and appreciated the dedication behind it. It means a lot to me to have your support.


Amigo @ashiru buena presentación y la letra de la canción hermosa, me agrada que practiques el.agradecimiento es el paso de abundancia y felicidad . Bendiciones🤗🙏😊🎤💛💙💕

Thanks for stopping by ma.
I'm so happy that you enjoy the presentation

This is creative bro. I love this
The passion is felt and the melody is entertaining.
Eventhought e b like say e too short, h3he. No mind me, na Me want just dey enjoy the melody

Na when I want post am, I see say e short. But the song it's short normal normal but I didn't know what to do again. I just had to post it like that

Thanks for the kind words.

No wam
It's fine bro

Nice presentation from you brother and thumb up for you

Thanks so much bro.

You are welcome

Beautifull interpretation brother! awesome serenade! I enjoy it a lot your participation! blessings

Thanks you so much for your kind words and I'm so happy that you enjoy my presentation. Thanks so much


Haha interesting!
I wanted more, if only the song was longer. I love your expressions as you sing 😁
I'm sure Val will love this, thanks for dedicating it to him.

Thanks for stopping and I'm so happy that you enjoy the presentation