Hive Openmic Community. Week #214. A cover song by @glowie.

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Hello guys, am @glowie. This week in regards to the week's theme, I did a cover of the song titled "Fear is Not My Home". by Tasha Coops.

A home is a place where a person or a family lives and feels safe, comfortable, and secure. It's usually a house or an apartment, but it could also be a boat, a yurt, or any other structure that serves as a dwelling. Home is where the heart is, as they say!.

In a dwelling, people seem to fine good things like Food, money, happiness, joy and comfort. Home is not a place where bad things should happen. A home should be a place where one can run to each time there's trouble.
God is offering us a Home that's free, where we can find Joy, peace, and happiness.

Everyone deserves to be happy no matter what. please Get a Home that you wit always want to run back to.


He's not done until it's good
Let Him work it for your favor
Watch Him turn it for your good
He's not done with what He's started
'Cause He's not done until it's good

Hello peace
Hello joy
Hello love
Hello strength
Hello hope, it's a new horizon

Hello peace
Hello joy
Hello love
Hello strength
Hello hope, it's a new horizon

If you're ready for a breakthrough
You can open up and just recеive
'Cause what He's pouring out is nothing
You'vе ever seen
You've ever seen.........................

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Not only is it a beautiful song, but it is also a pleasure to listen to the beauty and vocal quality. Bravo Glowie, I am very excited to hear you this week. This song conveys a beautiful energy and is a call to love and a welcome to peace. Thank you for sharing it 🙏

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Is excellent you video my friend @glowie congratulations

A beautiful song, since I heard its first chords I knew it was a great song.
Your voice has shone with subtlety and I loved that.

Thanks dear

What a beatiful music!!
You nailed it mama.
Kudos to you 💪

I've seen a lot of beautiful voices here and I love the hope that this song gives to anyone down. Weldone