Hive Open Mic 217 - "Good To Be Home" Cover

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Hello Hive Open Mic community and my fellow music lovers!
It's almost the end of the week with a beautiful theme and I'm happy to be here once again to share my song choice for the selected theme by our spotlight artist @ashiru

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I'm choosing to share the cover of the song titled "Good To Be Home" by "Coco Jones", for the theme of the week "Always Grateful"

It's been a while since my last entry in the family, I've got no excuse to give. But I'll try to show up more going forward, I like this theme really and a song came to mind when I saw it. Not my first cover of it but worth singing as much as I can to spread the word about the song.

This song is one I can't get over whenever I feel the sense of gratitude, it's a song that passes a very lovely message of gratitude and it's a perfect fit for this week's theme. I've got a lot of other options but I'm choosing this for many other reasons.

This song "Good To Be Home" is a song from a movie that I learnt and it's about coming back after wandering far and realizing God has been good to you but you're just coming back to acknowledge His role in your life.

So do listen, enjoy the cover and let me know what you think about it's connection to the theme. I hope to see you all next week again in the next theme. I appreciate the support as always 💯

Song Lyrics

Oh yeah oh yeah

With reverence I enter into this holy place
A home that's like no other full of mercy, love and grace
I know it's been a long time, I've never felt that far
'Cause You were always on my mind, and You were always in my heart

It's so good to be home, where I know that I belong
Inside this house of love, with a family so strong
And I'm here to worship and pour out my offering
In the presence of His love, I'm never alone

It's so good to be (home, home) home (home, sweet home)
So good to be (home, home) home (home, sweet home)

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What a pleasure to have you for this week where we give thanks as a musical family for all the blessings we receive individually and as a group that promotes Global Harmony!!! 🙏🌎🌍🌏☮️🕊️💖

Very nice your participation and thank you in advance for the subtitles, it will always be a good visual incentive for those who visit you so we can sing with you 🙌😀💛

I send you a warm hug and we are waiting for you again next week on the world stage of the Hive Open Mic 🌹💖.... You Absolutely Rockkk!!! 👍😉🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🥂💥💫💯

Thank you so much @fernanblog glad to have your kind comment grace my entry 😊
I'll try to show up next week too.

Let me stress this girl small. Go and translate: 🤣🤣🤣

Sí, bienvenida de nuevo, Merit. Es realmente bueno estar en casa. ¿Qué trajiste para nosotros? Yo también he extrañado esta comunidad. Cantar se ha convertido en algo perezoso para mí estos días, especialmente el estrés de editar y arreglar cada letra. Lo hiciste bien cariño ❤️

Perdón por el estrés 🤣🤣

Lol crazy girl 😂
I didn't translate it but I'll reply with English.

I hope you find time to make videos, editing isn't so difficult but you can pay me to do it for you 🙃

Thanks sis.

I don't believe you 🤣🤣🤣
You didn't translate, how did you know what I typed? 🤣😅😅 I am suspecting you. Hope you aren't serving in a Spanish government school like this? 😅😅😅😅

Ahhh she have catch me, yes I'm serving in a Spanish government school 😂😂

😅😅 weldone

@merit.ahama You sing with a lot of love and it is very important in singing and as an artist you are excellent, keep up the good work.

Thank you so much @laser145 I appreciate the kind words 😊

This is such a lovely song that I so much enjoy listening to from time past.

I even wrote about other song from the same movie yesterday.

Great presentation.

Oh really! Glad you find my cover of this song great.

felicidades por tu presentación amiga. me gustó bastante. gracias por compartir

Gracias 😊

Your voiceeeee. 🥰🥰🥰

My voiceeeeee 😂😁

Yeessss. Because of your voice, I've been listening to Qing Madi's songs non-stop. You voice has a way of making songs stick for a very long time.

Wow this is so motivating coming from your dear, I'll keep trying my best 😊

Ya welcome. 🥳

Wow, beautiful presentation


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👏 Keep Up the good work on Hive ♦️ 👏
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Thanks and to @nkemakonam89 😊

@merit.ahama, you are most welcome!

See what you have done now, now I want to go home. I miss home 🏡😭.

Amazing presentation. Those higher pitches almost gave you a hard time, but you controlled it well. Bravo 👏