HiveOpenmic Week 200 ~ Fool Again by Westlife Cover by @mhizerbee

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Hi guys! Welcome to HiveOpenmic Week 200. I am @mhizerbee and I am glad to be on your screens again this week.

This week's theme is titled Virtual Seranade and in regards to the theme, I will be singing a cover of the song "Fool Again" by Westlife and this is me inviting my very good friend @mharvis.

I choose @mharvis because apart from being my friend, she encouraged me and advised me sometime ago when I told her about certain issues bothering me and it was about love.

She's not only married but she's intelligent and has really impacted my life character wise in ways she doesn't even know.

I really do hope that you have fun and enjoy and this is me wishing you a Happy New Month, My Darlings! 🥰

This song is more like a love song and as well as a heartbreak song. It is one of the songs I enjoy listening to. I love Westlife's songs and this is one of them.

I feel he was trying to express his feelings to his lover who I presume broke his heart.

Love is a beautiful thing and it should be reciprocated but when lovers who try to make it work fall apart, then it becomes worrisome.

In the lyrics he said his lover never gave him a chance to show her how much he cares and I feel the girl did not love him the way he did love her.

Why I choose this song and one of the prayers I pray to God is to love and be loved in return. There is no feeling as greater than that.

Irrespective of how deceptive the world is, I believe there are still good men out there as well as women.

Thank you for having me ♥️ and I will see you next week 😊

Below is the song lyrics

"Fool Again"

Baby, I know the story
I've seen the picture
It's written all over your face
Tell me, what's the secret
That you've been hiding
And who's gonna take my place

I should've seen it coming
I should've read the signs
Anyway, I guess it's over

I can't believe that I'm the fool again
I thought this love would never end
How was I to know?
You never told me

Baby, you should've called me
When you were lonely
When you needed me to be there
Sadly, you never gave me too many chances
To show you how much I care

I should've seen it coming
I should've read the signs
Anyway (Anyway), I guess it's over


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Oh I can't find the video to watch, would really love to listen to you sing this old but gold westlife song

It was one of my favourite 😍

It's beautiful that you're dedicating such a song to @mharvis I'm sure she would appreciate it.

Happy 200th week to you artist Mhizerbee 😊😍💯

Oh, God 😱
What could be the problem? You're the second person saying you can't view the video.

Definitely, she will appreciate it. Happy 200th week to you too
Thanks for stopping by dear @merit.ahama ♥️

Hopefully they will sort the issue out soon.


Ahan! So you like to love and be loved back and since na only me just dey love you 🙄🙄, there is God o! Hehe
I love the lyrics of this song
I have not been able to watch you cos of 3speak wahala but I guess it will he a nice rendition as always
Weldone anty


You dey worry o @jesus-son 😅

I appreciate your comments and constant support.
Thanks ♥️

Na worry worry b my second name na ,hehe
Well uwlc


That's my sweet heart ♥️.. You are really awesome dear. Nice one


Greetings friend, your presentation was really wonderful. You have a great talent and I wish you the best of success for this week of the virtual serenade. Your video was excellent.

Thanks dear friend @karlex77 ♥️

What a pity not to be able to see the video yet, my friend, I had not wanted to comment because of that. But your writing has fascinated me, I hope that the platform can be solved so I can listen to you. But speaking of past music videos, I know that this one has been spectacular. 🥰

I'm sorry about that
I hope they fix it soon.

Thanks for your constant support

After waiting for long to check out the video i finally watched it, this is a beautiful entry and i am glad i later watched it kudos🥰🥰

Thanks @mayorkeys

This group had very good songs and were always successful on TV networks like MTV for example and what differentiated them from the Back Street Boys or N'Sync was precisely that they had many romantic pop ballads like this one.

You did great and although you had already told me, it was important to say the name of the Hiver to whom we would dedicate the song in the video since it is part of this week's dynamic. Leaving that aside, how great that you get in our friend Hiver, that emotional support that many of us need from friends, that is very essential and even more when those bonds of friendship are big and important for us.

I send you a warm hug and I thank you for having accompanied us in these 200 weeks of the Hive Open Mic, since you are like many, an important part of this great family 🌹💖... blessings 🙏❤️... You Rockkkkkkk!!! 👍😉🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🥂💥💫💯

Thank you for your constant support
I appreciate you

Amiga @mhizerbee que bueno que ya se arregló la plataforma y puedo comentarte . Maravillosa entrada🥰, siempre con tu voz afinada y gran carisma. Felicidades y éxitos🤗👏👏👏🌹🎤💛💙💕

Friend @mhizerbee, it's good that the platform is now fixed and I can tell you. Wonderful entry , always with your tuned voice and great charisma. Congratulations and success🤗👏👏👏🌹🎤💛💙💕

Thanks @nellynohemi
I appreciate your constant support

What a beautiful entry. You made me remember my youth. I was a full fan of Westlife. I congratulate you for such an amazing presentation. It was really charming and wonderful. I enjoyed it very much.

Thanks for your constant support

My dear friend!, at last I have been able to see your participation, thank you very much for being here. You have had a hard time with the days that 3speak didn't work, but the dedication you make to @mharvis is beautiful, I don't know her and you already make me love her through what you write about yourself. Thanks for being part of these 200 weeks of the Hive Open Mic, let's go for more!...

I'm glad to hear this.
More grace to us
Thanks for your constant support

You just gotta believe it... Nice presentation 👏🏽