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Hello Music Lovers ❤️❤️❤️❤️

It's week #178 on Hiveopenmic. I am @rukkie and in line with this week's theme "People", I will be presenting a song by Chris Brown titled "Beautiful People.

"Beautiful People" tells us an important message. It tells us that we are beautiful inside and we should always try to be ourselves. We should be confident, walk with our heads high, and not allow anyone to bring us down.



As humans, we are all linked together in one way or the other. Most of us have lost ourselves in search of wealth or trying to be best. We sometimes try to be perfect that we forget who we are. We forget that our beauty is deep inside" because our physical appearance does not reflect who we are or how we behave.

I chose this song as a reminder that life is very simple but we humans sometimes complicate things ourselves. We should remember to take our time to live life because we only get to live once.

I love the message the song conveys. We are all beautiful in our way and we shouldn't try to change who we are for anyone. Remember that it's your life and you have to live it right.

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I hope you enjoy my presentation.


Hola amantes de la música ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Es la semana #178 en Hiveopenmic. Soy @rukkie y en línea con el tema de esta semana "Personas", voy a presentar una canción de Chris Brown titulada "Beautiful People".

"Beautiful People" nos dice un mensaje importante. Nos dice que somos bellos por dentro y que siempre debemos intentar ser nosotros mismos. Debemos tener confianza en nosotros mismos, caminar con la cabeza alta y no permitir que nadie nos deprima.



Como humanos, todos estamos unidos de una forma u otra. La mayoría de nosotros nos hemos perdido en busca de la riqueza o intentando ser los mejores. A veces intentamos ser perfectos y nos olvidamos de quiénes somos. Olvidamos que nuestra belleza está en lo más profundo de nuestro interior" porque nuestro aspecto físico no refleja quiénes somos ni cómo nos comportamos.

Elegí esta canción como recordatorio de que la vida es muy sencilla, pero los humanos a veces nos complicamos las cosas. Debemos tomarnos nuestro tiempo para vivir la vida, porque sólo se vive una vez.

Me encanta el mensaje que transmite la canción. Todos somos bellos a nuestra manera y no deberíamos intentar cambiar lo que somos por nadie. Recuerda que es tu vida y tienes que vivirla bien.

Fuente de la letra

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Espero que disfruten de mi presentación.

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Ohh nice, now have seen two people present this song and it's really nice I must say, good job dear.

Thank you very much for watching.

Beautiful people

Thanks sis

Yes, I enjoyed your presentation dear.

Nicely presented

Thank you for watching sis

You're welcome

Go Baby Girl, your beauty is inside you 😍
I actually covered this song too
You did amazing too
Keep shinning dear

Thank you for your encouraging words.

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