Pukumundo week// abdomen fitness and lap's joint fitness

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Good day lovelies, it has been a while, i hope you all have been faring well?
welcome another fitness week of Pukumundo.
let me use this medium to say happy new month to you guys. stay good !!!..

The fitness i will be using for this week is abdomen and joint fitness.
i will start with abdomen fitness by giving out the steps to be taken.
Step1; lie down flat and straight, with your arms very close to your tighs, make sure your two legs are very close to each other as well.
then, make a movement by raising your head up. breathe for 5secs and start the 10secs count(make it 30secs count in a day)
do this everyday, trust me, it will also help building your flat tommy.

Second fitness goes like this,
Step1; lie down straight with your legs closed, your arms close to your thighs
step2; raise your lap and lay it down for 5secs count and rest the lap for 3secs. then start start again.
Do this 3times(15secs count) for one lap and do the same to the second lap.

stay gallant!!!..

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