A Coffee-ful , Tea-ful Week

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Wall art close to a cafe
Take-out mini-cafe. Customers “buy and go”.
Teashop in center street
Entrance to a coffee shop in center street, coffee barrel
Drink my student recommended

Hi fellow hivers and members of this lovely community. Thought I’d share with you a coffee-ful and tea-ful week that I had. The week involved me walking through a center street (a long street with shops and restaurants) and checking out tea and coffee shops. I also visited a school that uses coffee as compost. I caught up with a friend over lunch and tried a drink my student recommended. Though a mix of events, they all surrounded coffee or tea. Stay with me as I tell you more about it.

Strolling Through Center Street

Long escalator after a long day of work
Center Street
Walking through center street

After a long day of work and en route to the train station. Huzzy and I, though tired, strolled through center street. We saw quite a few coffee and tea shops. At a particular location, there was a tea shop adjacent to a coffee shop. We saw “Cafe London” but it was closed and seemed to have been that way for a long time.

Teashop(on the left) adjacent to a coffee shop (on the right).

Huzzy checking out the variety of tea
Tea video being shown at the tea shop

Cafe London seemed to have been closed for a while

Small coffee display outside the coffee shop.

We found another tea shop. They had an interesting display. I could “feel autumn” based on their set up. The prices were clearly shown. Just before leaving center street, we were drawn to some freshly baked castella (kind of pastry/cake). The smell of sweet pastry pulled us to the vendor. He used an equipment that baked quite a few all at once. They were very reasonable. We ordered twenty of them so we could take some home for our kids. Oh we had to taste a few. They were warm and fairly delicious. We were hungry. Haha!

Castella, sweet pastry sold warm (fresh from the “oven”).

Tea Display at another tea shop.

School Uses Coffee as Compost

Coffee used as compost
A section of the school, built with wood
During the week, I also visited an international school to observe its practice of sustainable development goals. I was very impressed with how involved students were in building the facilities at their school. I was most impressed by the relationships the school had with different entities in the community and how they re-used and recycled materials. They (the school) collect coffee waste from a coffee shop within the community and use it as compost for the school garden. The garden had an abundance of peppermint and spearmint. I got some for tea and enough for planting some in my own garden.

Lunch With a Friend

Teapots being sold
Coffee signs/ boards
Coffee cups and teacups being sold

I met up with a friend for lunch. We decided to go a cafe we hadn’t been. Walking to the cafe was interesting as we passed several shops with equipment for tea and or coffee.
We ordered chicken plates. They came with a good serving of vegetables and pumpkin soup. We had some hot lemonade to go with the meal and had caramel cake for dessert. They were good.

Caramel cake
Hot lemonade
Pumpkin soup
Chicken Plates
Wet wipes provided by the cafe
Completed tea and cake

Coffee Special Recommended By a Friend

White mocha latte with soy milk, soy milk tag for the barista

In one of my classes, we were discussing making orders at restaurants and cafes. Somehow our discussion ended up with us talking about recommended drinks at cafes. One of my students recommended that I tried Starbuck’s white mocha latte with soy milk. From my experiences, some of the drinks can be a bit too sweet. She (my student) assured me that I’d like it. So, I thought I’d give it a try.
When I got to the cafe, Christmas Blonde Roast(hot) and House Blend(iced) were being brewed.
The different Christmas designs and sizes of cups were displayed so that customers could easily choose.
Pastries were available for sale. Cranberry bliss bar was new at the time.
Coffee- Decaf Signature Espresso, Signature Espresso and Blonde Espresso
Drink specials- Strawberry and Velvet Brownie Frappuccino, Strawberry and Velvet Brownie Mocha
Specials and goods
Starbucks Cards
Cups, mugs, tumblers, tea bottles, coffee and so on being sold.
Santa Donation-a portion of sales will be used to donate gifts to children and it will be done through a non-profit organization.

When I got to Starbucks, it was looking all “Christmassy”. All serving cups had decor of the season, staff were wearing red and green and even items for sale were dressed up for Christmas. I believe only Santa, his sleigh and reindeer were missing. I almost forgot the name of the drink my student had recommended. I remembered just in time to place my order.
When I saw the whip cream on top, I feared that it would have been a very sweet drink. I collected and stirred it. I liked it from the first sip to the last. It was a great recommendation even for a tea lover or one who prefers tea to coffee. With such satisfaction, of course our coffee discussion continued in the next class.

What drink do you recommend?
Has someone ever recommended that you try a drink and you liked or hated it?
Please share your experience below.

It was indeed a coffee-ful and tea-ful week. Thanks for reading my post. Enjoy your day. 😃


Those little pastries are right up my street. The area there reminds me of the quaint neighborhood of Nakazakicho, a short walk from the busy heart of Osaka/Umeda.

The coffee display makes me curious for sure:)))
Yeah, there were some good posts, heh-13.jpg

😃You know it. I did get an Osaka kind-of-feel seeing those pastries though I’ve probably never been to Nakazakicho. The smell of it pulls you right in.

The coffee display makes me curious for sure:)))

Do you mean the display by Starbucks?
😃Have a great day as well.

Thank you:)


These plus the ones at Starbucks:)

😃 You know, I wanted to get a closer look to see the other types they had to offer. I was a bit curious too. Without making direct eye contact, I could see the clerks gearing up for a sale. They were customer-ready. I'm cool with that but knowing that I just wanted to look around, I didn't want to get a conversation started. I didn't go in. @bearmol and I had already had several conversations with clerks at the previous shops we stopped by. I love the politeness of it all but sometimes a girl just wants to look. 😂😂

I think Starbucks has nailed it when it comes to seasonal items and packaging. They always have something to peak our interest though some will say they're not fans.

Lots of tea and coffee experiences this week. Nice!
The castellas look interesting. It would be fun to watch them being made.


😃Hi @leaky20. Yes, some interesting tea and coffee experiences that week. Coffee as compost was interesting to me. I thought about all the coffee waste from the many coffee shops around and how it/they may be re-used. I wouldn’t need/use much for my small balcony garden but thinking it could be of great use to some farmers.
The castellas! You’re right! It was fascinating to see them make them. As a matter of fact, I was so captivated by the process that I was tapped to make my order. Lol!! Great skills and showmanship . The vendor maybe flipped out all the castellas under a minute and in a particular rhythm. Really fast and cool! I apologized for the delay with my order. I had forgotten my manners 😂😆🙇🏽‍♀️

I've heard of some cafés in my area giving the used grounds away for other uses as well. It's a smart idea. I've heard of coffee flour as well for baking - though that is using the outer coffee cherry rinds not the beans. Still, any method of reusing or recycling waste is welcome this day and age.

Funny about watching the castellas. I'd probably do the same

Great that used grounds can be used in several ways. It’s my first time hearing about coffee flour. Though from the cherry rinds, I wonder if it has a particular or distinct flavor.

😃I’m now into Castella-watching. Lol

I've never tried it but I'm sure that it would taste different

I think so too. 😃

This post is wonderful, you have taken us on a trip to the Coffee Planet, hahahahaha. Very good tour @fruityfruitz


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😃Thank you.

Hahaha!!!Muchas Gracias! "Coffee planet" really made me laugh. 😂
I'm happy you enjoyed the tour. Thanks for joining. Have a lovely day.🎶

Yes, your post is really good!

😃Oh thanks again. That makes me feel "alive". Lol


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😃Muchas Gracias.

You're welcome @fruityfruitz


How I yearn to return to Japan. 😃. The vacuum filter coffee maker caught my eye in one of tne shots. Just like the one we have thst looks like something out of breaking bad :)

😃Whenever you do, we’d be happy to see you guys. Maybe that would be a good time for us to get some coffee tutorial and learn more about the various equipment. Lol!