Morning Walk - Testing out the iPhone 15 Plus Camera

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This is probably the 1st or second time I’ve posted in this community. I was inspired by seeing a post on my feed that was posted to the community and thought “hmmm I went for a walk and took some photos this morning.”

I’m not usually a flower snapping type of guy but I recently upgraded from an iPhone 8 Plus to a 15 plus and hadn’t really tested the camera out. And as I always bring my phone on my walks to track my steps, it just made sense to put it to the test.



I usually like walking in the mornings between 6 & 7 because:

  • The air is fresh.
  • It gets the blood flowing.
  • The sun rays at that time are easy in the eyes 👀.
  • Clears my mind for the day ahead.
  • Helps me to affirm things I want to manifest.
  • and it gets a majority of my 10,000 step goal out of the way before the day really gets started. I could actually go on 😆.
    What time of the day do you usually like walking?


Dahlia 'Islander'




The flowers in this posts can usually be seen on my 1 hr walking path. That’s the route I take when I have the time. The flowers are planted by a retired Japanese sales man who does it to bring joy to the people walking by. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to him a few times and I must say I admire his spirituality and his connection to nature. He once told me that he talks to the flowers and that’s what helps make them bloom well. When winter draws near he tells them to have a good rest until spring comes around.


Ball Dahlia (Dahlia 'Polventon Supreme')

The honest truth is I had no idea what these flowers were called, but then I realized my phone had a search photo function which I used to find the names. I must admit I kinda like the name of these flowers, it kinda has a ring to it, "Dahlia". I see why the Japanese guy decided to make this flower a majority of the garden.


Regarding the camera on the iPhone 15 plus, it is awesome. Just take a look at these pictures, zoom and you can see the details. The colors and photo quality are also crisp.Like any camera, the lighting is key. This time of day ( early morning ) was a good time to see the best of what the iPhone 15 plus camera has to offer. I am not disappointed. I shall make the best of this gadget.


Dahlia 'Aquila'


After a few minutes of taking photos, I was on my way and about 40% through my journey. The other 60% of the trek would usually involve some incline push ups on the benches along the way as well as some jogging... but not this day. I just took it easy, stretched it out and walked it out. In my opinion, walking is one of the best stress reliefs as well as exercises. Don't you agree?

Until next time.
Stay Blessed.


Dahlia 'Santa Clause'


PS: That is not my house but it does suit me, right ? 😁 The spot was just good for taking a mirror selfie and this house with 2 Mercedes parked up just happened to be there.But hey, gotta "picture" yourself with the wealth.



Always good to walk in the morning. Before I had kids, I would get out sometime between 5 and 6 for a jog. Now that the kids are both in elementary school, after they leave in the morning I take a quick walk around the neighborhood before starting my work. Love that time of day.

Those are beautiful flowers. The macro capabilities of the iPhone 15 are amazing indeed. So much so that I've considered upgrading my 13. I probably won't, but the temptation is there.

The morning walks are the best! The only problem is when winter comes around and even 6:30 is dark and its really cold. Gotta build up the will.

The camera on the 15 is great but if I had a 13 I doubt i would have upgraded, not a big enough difference but I do understand the temptation.

The photos are simply amazing my friend. It's was nice reading through

Thank man! They are some of the most amazing flowers I've seen.

You are welcome my friend.

They are simply amazing

nice t have you join the Wednesday walk and the new iphone does a great job beautiful photos on your walk

Thanks for joining the Wednesday walk :)

Thanks for the warm welcome! I will be sure to keep my eye on my walks and also build the motivation to walk more as .......winter is coming.


The flowers are just very amazing!
I had to first call my friend to come and see iPhone 15 pro camera😂.
Beautiful flowers like these deserve the attention of an expensive phone; it makes them more beautiful and unique✅.
Thank you for sharing.

I had to first call my friend to come and see iPhone 15 pro camera

😆 you really did that? HAHA that is funny. I think if I didn't say iphone 15 in the title, not many people would look at this post 🤣

Thanks for stopping by.

The flowers are beautiful
The colours are looking so sharp and not dull

Indeed, the photo look even better in picture than in real life at times, the iphone seems to enhance them to get them looking good.

Overall the iPhone 15 didn't disappoint actually

It surely does! I really dont regret not buying a pro.

And your iphone 15 delivered and gave us the latest photos. The flowers are lovely and the photos are so beautiful.

Now to get out and take more photos so the phone can be more of an asset and not a liability 😄

What beautiful photographs brother, I'm so glad you enjoyed the experience of capturing the best of these flowers. I love your camera, I hope to have one like this soon and submit work like this...

Thanks man! It was a joy of an experience! Hey, you will get one soon enough, its all about our timing.

Thanks man! It was a joy of an experience! Hey, you will get one soon enough, its all about our timing.

The photos tell that you had a great walk 😄

It really was! A good walk usually leads to a good day! Hope you had a good one mate!

I did 😁


Cute flowers!

Too cute right 😂

Never too cute!

I 1000% agree @dmilliz, talking is one of the best medicines you can take for relief. It takes out the negative feelings from you and converts them into positive and fresh feelings. I loved the plant flowers photos, i wish i would have an iPhone 15 to capture wonderful photos like these :P

I also had the 13 Pro Max a while ago and as many iPhones as the camera results are amazing the way all these flowers look so much more beautiful and the 15 Pro Max is the best. The result is better.