5 minutes freewrite prompt: Sign the contract

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As I step into the office, I saw the white paper on top of the table, I was so excited on was it contexts, because I didn't expect to see any thing like paper thus in the morning, and so the secretary came into the office, and handed me an envelope which explains everything, she told me about the contract that was omitted, so she has sort it out and want me to pen on it.

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The contract was a multi million naira project, and it was so, because sometimes I did have a feelings that something was missing somewhere, I never knew it was a contract that I have not yet signed, meanwhile it was on my position to signed it and then communicate to the other departments as it was scheduled.

Few weeks after I have done my own part of signing the documents, and the associated departments has done their needful, the operation started and our firm was paid our percentage.

The CEO smile when she saw me because she knows I have done a very good job there, but in all, it was with the help of a good secretary that I had in the office, she makes me realize that something was left untouched and she brought it to my table that morning, which change all the scenario in the firm and we grow higher in net worth than what we were in days back.

A good contract can admirably pushed a company into a certain level that no one didn't expect for the company to have reached in such time.

Progress in life is all about connections and having intelligent people around you.


Having the right people around us does make a lot of good difference in our lives.

Thanks I admire your comment, I pray that good people are the ones we will always have in our life's.

Amen to that.🙏🏽✨