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First off, I must start by saying, this is not financial advice, this is just a degen observation of memes on the base chain I think are worth trading, KEYWORD trading. Crypto currencies are very volatile and risky assets, but especially meme coins.

I have been in the Base chain eco system for quite some time observing the tokens on the platform. Now, as we are in meme season, it is a good time to trade some but also prepare to get into real utility. Below I have created a list of memes I think have a high potential for giving good swing trades opportunities. But of course some ( 1% ) will go on to reach billions of MC and you will end up kicking yourself. Others may go to zero and you may end up shooting yourself. With out further banter, here is the list in no particular order.

1. Basenji -$BENJI


  • The dog of base an actual breed that has BASE in it's name.
  • Vibing community.
  • Tamagochi type app people can use.
  • Certik audited
  • Weekly base news and more.

The thesis with this one is that normies will get into base and look for the next Doge and Shiba, these are all memes people know and have heard stories about. If the smart wallets on base go according to plan, BILLIONS could flow into the ecosystem, heading for the top dog memes first.

2 Beni

The runner up for dog of base in my opinion. It is a meme of the coinbase director's dog.

  • NFT with rewards.
  • Beni Swap
  • Beni Stake
  • Beni Bot token sniffer to find rug pulls and faulty contracts.
  • Vibing community.

Relatively low market cap. Many beleive it will be the top dog of base.

With this one, it could be the SHIB of base if the cards are played right.

3. Toshi

A meme made from Brian Armstrong's cat called Toshi, named after Satohi nakamoto.

  • One the oldest memes on Base.
  • Utility coming soon including, launchpad, token locke,token launcher. Basically tools to make it easy to start your project on base safely.

4. Weirdo


This one is just weird, I have never seen anything like it. They are constantly pumping out content on X and it is also a token that was taken over by the community. They play on the idea that us crypto peeps are seen as weirdos falling for that magical internet money. To me, the originality of this one makes it a good trade.


The nastiest most degenerate meme you will find on base but what I like is the character could actually become an animated series for adults. They have a few videos on X and they are boundary pushing to the max, not for the woke hearted.

6.Trump MAGA

It's a US election year and many believe trump will win, but even if he doesn't the emotions of the elections will be played out in a few PolitiFI tokens such as MAGA which is the most established of the Trump memes. The team is also publicly known and are donating some proceeds to veterans in need along with other causes. One thing to note is that this meme is omni chain and can be found on ETH, BASE chain, BNB and SOL.

7. Keren
The complaining, stereotypical, privileged white lady finally turned into meme on the base blockchain. But the twist is, she is using her complaining to make the base blockchain even better through a complaint site that mints your complaint's to the blockchain as an NFT. The meme also solidifies the Karen slang by showing clips of various Karen's to see if they get Keren's approval. The account can be seen hopping around X compaling about various protocols and asking to talk to the "Manerger". Something about this. Market cap is also very low currently sitting at only $1.1M at the time of writing.*


The billion dollar meme baby on base and friend of Pepe. This one, in my opinion could set the record for meme market caps. Noting much to say about Brett but it was the chosen and could make for some good trades if you know what you are doing, not saying I do.

This one keeps on punching out content and they have a target audience in mind...BOOMers. They aim to create educational and entertaining content around crypto, showing boomers how it's done. But the meme has caught the attention of all age groups n the crypto community.




Launched only 9hrs ago, this is a meme made off Jesse Pollak, the creator of the base blockchain. While this could be an insta rug, many are aping in for the culture that Jesse has created and just because is a meme of the base chain creator. Some good swing opportunities ahead I beleive.

11. Okayeg


This meme was made from the twitch bot character emoji and is known by those who really use twitch bots. i don't have anything much to say about this one but could make for some good swing trades.

With all meme coins, it is important to remember that it is the riskiest sector of the entire crypto and financial system, and that in turn makes it one of the most rewarding. Never invest/ throw in more than you can afford to lose.

If you want to trade these, keep in mind you will be using swap in DApps and you will not have stop loss unless you purchase them on the few exchanges they are listed or you use a Bot.

A good way to swing trade memes IMO is to use the Stochastic RSI indicator, buy when it is below the 10's and sell when it has reached the 80~100 zone, keeping market conditions and industry trend in mind. It is better not to watch the price, hoping for a $1. use the different time frames to match your lifestyle when swinging.

If there is a meme that caught your eye and you have the conviction to keep it for medium to long term, do you dude, you might just hit the jackpot.

Any base memes you would add to this list?



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Anyone who is inside this market knows that the supply is very high, so every person should complete their research first and only then invest in the project.

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Interestingly there has been a new meme trend to keep the supply at around 1 Billion. which is far different than the 1/2 trillions we say before.

I’d go for the Trump Maga😅😅😅
Thanks for sharing!

 8 days ago 

I feel it will pump prior to every political event, June 27th the debate is next .,but who knows, this is crypto.


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