First of all, my name is iniobong.

I have been going to the market buying things by the road side but to day why i was by the road side buying, i did not see a particular item to buy so I decide to go inside of the market.

Because before I left the house I listed all the items that I needed to buy so getting to the market, I was looking for a particular vegetable before I could get to where this items are been sold it was not frank. Every was noisy, i heard some people advertising their goods by dancing, singing and even giving customers some eatable product to taste before the could buy
but even as that the customer will not still buy you can imagine that .

So I asked where can i get the item some people kept directing me to go into the market, so now am at the market the price of what was on my list was eight hundred naira but i was so shocked at the price when i heard what the seller said so at this moment i had to change my plan because i had total of everything that i needed to cook .So i was trying to come out from that particular spot when i noticed that every where was so stinking no where to keep my face .

Even some people just go to the market to steal i saw one good looking guy stealing some items from an elderly woman i could not say any thing because i didn't want to get myself into trouble in the process of been a good samaritan because things are expensive.

so for me, i switched to another category of food because i was not with mush cash so i cut my garment according to my materials. Even some tax collectors fighting with women just because of two hundred naira i was speechless when i saw this happening inside market so i have to to settle them by giving the woman five hundred naira but said i should not bother, that he keeps demanding for it either by seizing her goods so manage to leave there because i hate to see people because if you try to settle you can be injured. so on my way coming i had to add water leaf to my soup.