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Hello my people, na so
Yes.. African people and lovers of African music. The song beautiful was done to appreciate people who love you and going to show it openly and even in secret.
It's true some people love you in the open but hate you in secret and some don't know how to show true love, chike in this song tries to the adore people whoo bring smiles to you both when times are good and when times are hard, all the beautiful people that we should never lose.

Have you ever lost a beautiful person in your life?
Someone you wish has been there but because you probably did not treat them well they had to go?

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I believe the song will help us value special relationships that we have with people who have actually treated us well and I also and enjoin us to begin to treat those people better.

Song was done in pidgin English and simple to understand if you follow the lyrics.


Some people wey you meet
Go show you good loving
Oh them go come your way
No let them go away
For me I hold, for me I hold my baby
For me I hold, for me I hold
For me I hold, for me I hold my baby
For me I hold, for me I hold
Some people in your life
Are there to make you smile
Oh they will take your pain
And give you so much joy
For me I hold, for me I hold my baby
For me I hold, for me I hold
For me I hold, for me I hold my baby
For me I hold, for me I hold
Some go tell you, say na you be one and only, call you baby
Some go promise, when time come them fail
When the times are good them go call you Boo
Them go stand beside, claim to love you
When the times are hard them go just bail
Na why I hold, na why I hold my baby, na why I hold
Na why I hold, na why I hold, na why I hold my baby so
Na why I hold, na why I hold
For me I hold, for me I hold my baby, for me I hold, for me I hold

I chose to do this song as my first entry into the afritunes weekend vibes. I hope you like it.

Enjoy it

Here I wanna appreciate those who have been in the AFRI-TUNES family especially @ksam @Starstrings01 and @obaro, @draysax the multitalented guru, @saxoenny I see you bro, the guitar lord @davidbolu34, babes man @mayorkeys, @heskay the talented, @benii the beautiful singer @daniky @ijohnsen and my good friend @chosenfingers.


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Good job, you're doing really well with this initiative!

Wow. It's an honor getting this from you Sir.
I m very grateful Sir.

Thank you for your witness vote!
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Nice one boss.

Ose Baba..
Glad you liked it....

Oh, my world😚☺ This is one of my best Chike's songs - Beautiful

Man, I always listening to you. Your guitar sound is so sweet.

En be like say you go help me toast one babe wey I dey eye for hive with this your voice😂😂

Thanks for joining this week's edition.


Much love😍

You be he lover boy we come get liver, come get God...

You don't need me

This is so suweet
I love Chike's songs no be small
And you delivered this one perfectly 👌
Nice one boss
This is so awesome


Thanks Baba @ksam
I m glad to have joined the initiative.

It is a nice musical movement you are doing to showcase the beautiful music of your country. Thanks for bringing this tune for the weekend.

Have a nice day!

Thanks so much @eugelys ..
Nigeria as well as other African countries are blessed with music we find here an opportunity to share it.

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Thanks so much.
A really huge achievement for me.

Great performance, as always..good one dear..
Thank you for the mention too😊😊🥰

Benii.. thanks so much.

See correct music now..
Better strumming
Better voice
Better video recording
Boss you too much sir...
Suweeet sound💙💙🙌🎵🎺🎶🎶🎸🎸🎸

Hehe.. you do carry ksam language abi..

I appreciate it bro
We all get better here..
We still go improve in all you mentioned .
We try to give hive the best..

That's true bro
We will be better actually 💕♥️🎸🎵

@jaydr You dey mind am 😅😅😅😅
@ovey10 na copy copy 😅😅😅

But it's the fact 👌
It is awesome

E be like you no understand Watin e mean by make boy the learn from im master 😎😎😄

Lol.. keep learning from him abeg, me sef dey pick 2 or 3 things to jot..

haba na😎😎

When I go Sabi record like this.. God When.. See as your voice be as if say I swim for water. Chai, God when 🙏... Nice entry bro.

Hehehe.. omo.. my head wan swell but I know se na you. Hehehe. Bro you re leaving a good trail for me to follow oo. Thank you so much Chief

But seriously, I need help on voice recording like you did.

Adding some reverbs may have been what you meant.
But vocal recording is a bit more complicated then guitar recording.

Mic, room and reverbs..those three are key. And of course a sound card and a good daw.

You know most of these right?

Mehn @jaydr you get am no be mouth, Abeg tuale for you! You are doing well with our African music showcase to the world!
Please don't stop!!
We want more of you abeg!!

Oga my head don swell ooo.

We bless the Lord.🙏

Nice one man. I never knew you were part of the afri tunes also

I am,.. But this was my first time post. I be African man na.

Lol. Sure the African vibe will surely be there😃😄