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Hey guys, it's me again in the person of @magicfingerz and this is my second entry for the Afri-tunes weekend vibez yeee!! 😁.

As we all know, African sound hits differently and has certain feels that brings out the dancer in you! 😉

It is important to note that in certain localities here in Nigeria, we are celebrating mothers this weekend.(mothers day) In whatever location you are at, I urge you to join us in celebrating our mothers for who they have been for families and for their sacrifices and love. To that effect, I have chosen to do a song by Phyno ochie dike nnem meaning my great ancient mother in order to commemorate this beautiful feast we celebrate.
Note this song is majorly in Igbo language of the Eastern part of Nigeria.




Chukwu biko gozie ochie Dike mama
Nna gozie nnem ochie Dike nnem
Chukwu biko gozie daalu nnem
Ochie Dike mama daalu nnem oh
Nna gozie nnem Chukwu gozie gi
Ochie Dike nnem ochie Dike nnem oh

Ahnn Olisah gozielum nwanyi ahu m'si n'ime ya puta uwa
Maka afufu n'ile ota'alum n'elu uwa
Okwa ekpele gi n'edu'm ije n'elu uwa
Si'm welu obi ume ala sobe ndi uwa
Zuom n'uzo Chi si'm hapu ihe nke uwa
Si'm solu obim esokwala ndi uwa
Ebe obula osolum noro n'elu uwa
Iga anom na-aru k'ibu oburu puta uwa hmn hmnn hmnn hmmmmnn

Ina ebuzo agum before igunye onwe gi
Mgbe ozulum I hapurum oke gi
Mgbe umu uwa biara ka ha megidem mn hmnn hmnn hmmmmnn
Isi'm akujola my face e ndu nwoke
Lee lee okwa o gbajie dolo hmn hmnn hmnn hmmmmnn
Ikwu n'ibe gbarapum gi ka m'na agbakuru

Obu gini ka m'ga eji ekele mama'm
Chineke nna biko gozielum mama'm
I mana onwa-ite naani oh
Ka nnem bulum n'afo
Nnem tala afufu n'uwa
Wee muo'm ezigbo nnem
O bu gini ka m'ga eji
Wee kele nne mulum oh
Ochie Dike nnem
Obu ego obu akwa ojiro
Agam ayonu yonu yonu onye kelum oh Chineke nnam
Biko gozielum nnem oh gozie gozie
Ochie Dike nnem oh nnem oh
Chukwu biko gozie ochie Dike mama
Nna gozie nnem ochie Dike nnem
Chukwu biko gozie ochie Dike mama
Nna gozie nnem ochie Dike nnem

Huhhh elee yeah
Nwa ma mma okwa mama o'kwa mama
Nwa ba'uru o'kwa mama o'kwa mama
N'asa ma'esi nri bukwa mama o'kwa mama
N'azulu nwa azu bukwa mama o'kwa mama
Nwata sobe ndi ajo otu mebe aka ntutu
Onye oga emechu ihu bu mama eh
And nwanyi tocha we muta nwa nke ya
Onye ga-abia omugwo bu mama hmn hmnn hmnn hmmmm
M'ga n'etu gi mama the mama
Ofu ka idi I no get another hmn hmnn hmnn hmmmm
Obu ginwa bu agu nwanyi mji eje mba
Moulduo down m'mata the weather hmn hmnn hmnn hmmmm
M'malofu your sacrifice and your advice
You fall for my right just to make things right hmn hmnn hmnn hmmmm
Ibulu onu ka my future di bright
I promise to make yours a paradise
I mana onwa-ite naani oh nine months
Ka nnem bulum n'afo elee
Nnem tara afufu n'uwa wee
Muo'm ezigbo nnem eziokwu
O bu gini ka m'ga eji
Wee kele nne mulum oh ehn
Ochie Dike nnem otua k'odi otua k'odi


Once again, I want to use this medium to recognise @ksam the father and founder of this beautiful initiative not excluding his co-founders and my bosses @starstrings01 and @obaro whoose efforts have birthed the Afri-tunes!!

À special shout out to my friends out here and to all the Hive music community. @ernest6402, @chosenfingers, @ijohnsen, @davidbolu34, @zeetunes, @olami99, @giftedhands, @anissignature @draysax @khaleesii Big ups to you guyz. 👍

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You really have a wonderful entry here bruh.

Keep it up.

However, I have few tips for u.

Endeavour to space your words
Like, after six lines, space it so as to look neat and easy to go through!

Thanks for participating man.
So good to have you!

My brother @obaro i really appreciate your encouragement and your subtle correction.
I'll definitely take that into notice and certainly action in the future!
Thanks for being part of this initiative's foundation!!

It's my pleasure man.
Keep it up!

Just keep doing music!

I won't lie, I enjoyed the acoustic style the more oh... Guy I feel you bad bad!!! Nice one brotherly.

Thanks so much @starstrings01 I'll keep doing my best boss.
Your nice words keep me going!

The boss Don drop am as e dey hot ooo 🔥
This is great brotherly
I dey feel your vibes eternally 🙌🙌🙌
The acoustic version is also superb mhen 🙌
I'm still waiting on when you go cut soap for me ooo 🤲🏽


Nwannem! Immense thanks to you for always encouraging and supporting me. How you wan make I cut soap for soap producer nah😂😂
Thanks so much @ksam for this your timely initiative in the Hive music space!
You are the no 1!!!!

My boss on another one...
Great sound bro...
Your sound is really really professional bro...🥵💕💕🎸🎶🎤

@ovey10 I am happy you liked it. Thanks for your comment!
I'll keep trying to actually become and sound professional oo😂
Thanks a bunch!!!

Yes sir..
While you keep trying, am seeing one already
It's a confirmation that your trial is getting you at it sir🙏🙏💙💙🎸🎸💕💕💕💜

You are very talented
Made me dance this early morning 😆

Aww, @khaleesii you really danced? Then don't worry, just go and buy more dancing shoes and be ready cos more vibe is on da way!!!
Thanks dear🙏

You are welcome.

Nice one boss🔥

Hahaha, @draysax i can't wait to get the opportunity to vibe via collabo with you oooo😉😉

Yesso... We should collabo o

Welcome @magicfingerz and don't forget to show us the way

Definitely 👌💯

Bro, you are good. You fingers does more than magic. If Phyno see this cover like this. Forget am! the guy go sign you one time...

You are good boss.
I love your moves and riffs..
I can't wait to see more of your work.. I'm really challenged every time i watch you play.
Weldone boss man🎸