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Great Hiveans and my wonderful Afri-tunes people, I hail you all. Today I come to present a song wey we go use thank God for everything wet he done do for us.

The Title of the song is "Oghenedo doh" by Sammie Okposo and Jonathan Nelson

This song na to appreciate baba God for how far He has brought us

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When I think Of all You′ve done for me
Mere words are not enough
To express what I feel inside
Oh Lord, Oh Lord
(Repeat X2)

Doh... doh doh.
Oghene doh

Oghene doh
(Repeat x2)
Tha—nk You Lord
Thank you. thank you
(Repeat x2)

The reason the song was written is to appreciate God for His faithful deeds upon our lives. The Songwriters had a reason to give God quality praise for all the wonderful things He has done for them, explaining the fact that mere words can never be enough to thank Him for all He is doing.


This song will help you appreciate God in delta dialect and give Him quality praise for all He has done, He is doing, and that which He will still do.

I sang this song as a result of God's faithfulness in my life and that of my family and friends.

afri afri.png

I honestly cannot forget to appreciate @ksam @starstrings01 and @obaro for this initiative for us to celebrate our African culture on Hive.

I also will love to appreciate all those who has been voting, encouraging and supporting me from day one of joining this community.

Do sit back, relax and enjoy the song. ```


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Nice voice,your voice dey burst brain o

Your switch to head voice during "Thank you jesus" is top notch

I love this song as well

Love every bit of it

Happy Sunday to you

Happy Sunday to you @vheekthorjay. Thank you so much for the comment. Much appreciated👨‍🦲😘

Are the riffs and runs for me...🥰🥰
You've got a sweet singing technique dear...
Nice choice of song garnished with a skillful artistry talent 💞♥️🎸🎵🎵💞🥰

Your words are soothing to the hears. Thank you so much.

I am indeed grateful

Yeah... Specially when you know you deserve them😊😊

Thank you so much @ovey10

You're welcome my dear

Chai.. see as you dey use your voice. Abeg where my voice dey like this. See my life, God when, biko when. When I go Sabi sing like this. 😪

Ha, my boss, I am ever loyal sir. The voice is surely there, we just need to utilise it. Thank you so much for the support each time I post and also for the comments. Much appreciated @starstrings01

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Wow, thank you so much @ecency. I am so blessed to have your support. Indeed greatful

Ah ah ! @marybello you have a beautiful voice.
Very sonorous!
Please keep it coming!

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You're welcome @marybello.

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Thank you!

YUH know, I love the idea of gratitude in a song towards the creator, but as a Jamaican, I wonder about my roots, I always think, before THEY came, who were we giving thanks to? That is the question that I have been wanting to answer for a minute. Lovely voice girl:)

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Good day, it is always important to understand that who you are, what you have, and where you are is a result of the mercies of God, and the fact that you have breath in you is more than enough reason to give thanks to God.

It is not by what we have done that we are alive, but by His mercies alone.

Thank you so much for the comment. And keep being grateful for life and all you have, because a heart of gratitude never lacks.