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Hello everyone, welcome to a new week on this amazing community Greetings, I trust everyone is doing okay...For this week I'd be performing a classic by Canadian singer-songwriter, record producer and photographer Bryan Adams called Everything I do (I do it for you). The song was released in the year 1991 i.e about 32 years ago, I grew up listening to this power ballad and really love the lyrics of the songs so I just had to do a cover😉. Everything I do is a beautiful love song of assurance to the one you love. You would do anything just to make your lover happy, everything you do is for them, to please them. You'd go the extra mile, give your all and even make sacrifices just to prove your love. You know she's worth it, so you're willing to try your best and don't mind losing your life in the process. You don't want to be told otherwise because you're so in love, when you're in love with someone there's hardly nothing you won't do for them just to keep them happy. I do hope you all enjoy 🎧 my cover of this power ballad. Enjoy the rest of your week 🥂.




Hola a todos, bienvenidos a una nueva semana en esta increíble comunidad. Saludos, confío en que todos estén bien... Para esta semana estaré interpretando un clásico del cantautor, productor discográfico y fotógrafo canadiense Bryan Adams llamado Everything I do ( Lo hago por ti). La canción fue lanzada en el año 1991, es decir, hace unos 32 años. Crecí escuchando esta poderosa balada y realmente amo la letra de las canciones, así que solo tuve que hacer una versión😉.
Todo lo que hago es una hermosa canción de amor de seguridad para quien amas. Harías cualquier cosa sólo para hacer feliz a tu amante, todo lo que haces es por él, para complacerlo. Harías un esfuerzo adicional, lo darías todo e incluso harías sacrificios solo para demostrar tu amor. Sabes que ella lo vale, así que estás dispuesto a hacer lo mejor que puedas y no te importa perder la vida en el proceso. No quieres que te digan lo contrario porque estás tan enamorado, cuando estás enamorado de alguien no hay casi nada que no hagas por esa persona sólo para mantenerla feliz. Espero que todos disfruten 🎧 mi versión de esta poderosa balada. Disfruta el resto de tu semana 🥂.



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Omg my friend i love that song its one of my favorites i really like it well done

Thank you bro...I appreciate it much 🙏

I loved your version, I like it when an artist gives his personal touch to a song and you definitely did, plus it's a song that I love because its lyrics are beautiful and tender.

Thank you my friend, so glad you loved my version. I appreciate it much 🤍.

This song never gets old. You voice makes it to even resonate as though a new song with your unique vocals abilities!
Great performance!

Thank you bro, I appreciate it much 🙏