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Hello my dear people of hive, i am here to present a cover of a song titled, THE STRENGTH, it is a song by a gospel singer in Nigeria, he is called Bu chi ,I really love the song so much, and I feel I should present it here as well, whenever I sing the song I am always filled with joy and happy, depression disappears,
I found the song powerful because it brought out joy and happiness in me. I have been singing the song for a week now, and it keeps making something out of me. The songs talk about how our God remains the strength of our life, he rules the whole world. The lyrics make me feel secure and remind me that I am never alone. It is a reminder that life is a journey and I can face it with courage and faith. It brings peace to my mind and soul. Every time I hear this song, I feel encouraged and hopeful. It always gives me a sense of joy and happiness. The lyrics have become a source of strength and motivation for me. The song has become an important part of my life, and I'm grateful for it. It helps me stay positive and reminds me of the beauty of life. I'm thankful for the encouragement it has given me.

Here are the lyrics of the song and it is written here by me.
And all of a sudden, there was rumbling and trembling
Jailhouse broke up and they were made free
By the Angel of the Lord who is now in this place
The net is broken and your soul is escaped
Give thanks and praise unto God Almighty
Glorify, glorify His name He is the strength, strength of my life
He is everything I own Glorify, glorify his name He is the strength, strength of my life
He is everything I own Glorify, glorify His name
Lift your eyes Lift them up to heaven See the skies Beautiful and blue
Telling you that God is smiling at you Would you look up and behold Him today
They that put their trust in Him Will never shame Make Him the strength, the strength of your life Make him everything you own Glorify,
glorify His name
Lift your eyes Lift them up to heaven Thence shall come Thence shall come your help
Your help shall come from the Lord God Almighty Maker of the heavens and everything therein
The One of whom I sing is never late
Four whole days after Lazarus died
Jesus came around and met them as they cried Holder of the keys to life and death He is ′
Lazarus come!' was all that He shouted And
he that was dead, from the grave just alighted Wave your hands Just wave your hands And give him praise

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Oh my goodness, you took me down memory lane .... It was sweet to be a child during these days

Glorify his name!!! 🔥🔥🔥

I love your energy. 💃💃💃💃

I am dancing and singing along 😂

Thank you so much my dear sister

Awesome! Mr Wallay on the beat, I'm dancing here

Thank you so much

Oh my ghost! You are again singing in the best way. God is always merciful to us to encourage and motivate us, have a nice day.

Thank you so much my friend

Hmmm beautiful one sir
I love your the vibes you give when it comes to music, that's great 👍 sir
Keep it up sir

Thank you so much my man

U welcome 🤗

Here you go again..this is beautiful
You are killing it oo 😂
Well done minister Wallay 😍

Thank you so much my dear sister, God bless you

Omo...see me smiling with your expression here 😄 I really enjoy your vibe, Minister Wallay 😊
You went reggae for us this week. So superb 👌 👏 Keep it rolling 👌

Thank you so much my princess

You are very welcome.

Your vibe is top notch lols, nice really did justice to the song.

Thank you so much

Haaaaa.. those were the days 🤣

Sorry, I couldn't help dropping another comment... You just made my morning 😂

Thank you so much my dear sister

This amazing boss,
You keep giving us good music back to back

Thank you so much my man