AFRI-TUNES week 93// Elu Agogo by florocka cover

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Hello everyone welcome to the season of Christmas,it's AFRITUNES WEEK 93 and I hope we are all preparing well,this season is kind of tough but God is helping us.
As we celebrate Christmas, we should not forget about the main reason for his birth,to save and redeem us.
For this week I will be singing Elu agogo by florocka.
The reason for this season is that Christ is born and we so happy to recieve him.
Unto us a child is born, government shall be upon his shoulder and he shall be called wonderful, counsellor.
I'm really happy to see this season,all glory to God for our salvation.
Stay tuned 👍

Lyrics 👇

Elu Agogo by florocka

Elu agogo 3x
Keresimesi, elu agogo CHORUS
Elu agogo olugbala de o
Elu agogo

Awon olusho agun tan
Won sho agbo won
Imole yi won ka 2x
Won ni kilode o
Asho olugbala la bi
Olugbala wa kabo.


Irawo kan yo loju orun
Si awon amoye meta
Awon angeli korin loke o
Pe olugbala ti de
Olugbala wa kabo( repeat by all)

Efi ope fun baba


Efi ope fun omo

(Solo continues)
Efi ope fun emimimo
Fun igbala araye
Olugbala wa kabo(repeat by all)
(add lips) we welcome you lord ye, elu agogo

Call .
Ode ode oba alaba wura de, ewi
Ode ode oba alabe wura de
He comes, see him coming, I can see the king of glory coming
I can see, the glory of the lord coming upon me

Ode ode oba alaba wura de (after each line in the call)


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Hello dear @ayomike Your choice of "Elu Agogo" by Florocka for this Christmas season is fantastic. Embracing the true meaning of Christ's birth adds a beautiful touch to the celebration. Great work dear!


Thank you 🥰

Wow this is really good
Nice entry ,
I really enjoyed listening to your melodious voice😍

Thank you so much

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How nice it is to be able to know another culture and customs of this date only with its music, I love it.

That's really great
Thank you 🥰