Afritunes Community. Week #218. A cover song by @glowie.

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Holla friends. It's always a privilege to be with you guys 😊.
For this week, I covered a song by Sammie Okposo titled "Na Only You I know". It's a popular gospel song by Sammie Okposo, a Nigerian gospel artist.

The inspiration behind this song is a testament to God's faithfulness and guidance in our lives.
According to Sammie Okposo, the song was written during a challenging period in his life when he was facing difficulties and uncertainty. Despite his struggles, he came to realize that God was the only constant and reliable presence in his life.
The lyrics express a deep trust and dependence on God, acknowledging that He is the only one who truly understands and cares for us.

This song is inspired by my personal experiences and desire to encourage others to trust in God's sovereignty and love, even in the face of adversity. The song has become an anthem of hope and faith for many, and its inspiration continues to resonate with listeners around the world.

 ***Song Lyrics***

Na only You I know
Even if the world no say so
I go let them know
That everywhere I go
'Cause even times when I fall
You catch me
You raise me, You no troway me
I no know if any other person
Go fit love me like the way You love me
Oh, Papa oh
Ohhh, Daddy
Because You love me so
Na only You I know

Everybody sing
Na only You (You)
I know (I know)
Even if the world no say so
(I go let everybody know) I go let them know
Everywhere I go
'Cause even times when I fall, You catch me
(You catch me, yes)
You raise me (You raise me)
You no troway me (You no troway me)
I no know (I no know)
If any other person (if any other person)
Go fit love me like the way You love me
Oh, Papa oh
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, Daddy (Daddy oh)
Because You love me so, na only You I know
Essence sing and tell them how you feel............

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You've got an amazing voice @glowie. I enjoyed listening to sing, I enjoyed your song choice and enjoyed the message behind your entry. Well done👍

omo, this one wey u tie scaff like dis, na church u dey go, hehe

Awesome acapella @glowie
I love how you took care of those technical notes in the song, you sang beautifully
Thank You For Sharing This With Us

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Thank you

Beautiful presentation dear. I really enjoyed your presentation. Thank you for sharing this with us

Thank you 😊